China/Arab League Build Ties: Encirclement of the West Advances

The US’s great friends China and the Arab League are getting further into bed together. Why?

From the Communist Party of China website, May 03, 2011.

Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi met with Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa

Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi met with Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa on Monday to discuss cooperation between China and the Arab world.

China and the Arab countries decided last year to promote the strategic relationship of cooperation, which marked a new era of bilateral ties, Yang said.

China is willing to join hands with the Arab world to promote the China-Arab Cooperation Forum and deepen bilateral cooperation in all sectors, Yang said.

Moussa said the Arab League is happy to see the progress made in collective cooperation between China and Arab countries in fields such as politics, economy and culture.

The pan-Arab body expected to enhance the level of bilateral ties with the joint efforts from China, Moussa added.

Yang arrived in Cairo on Monday on a two-day visit. On Tuesday, he will meet Egypt’s Supreme Council of the Armed Forces chief Hussein Tantawi.

Of course the West has nothing to fear from closer collusion between China and the Arab world.

They both have our best interests at heart.


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8 thoughts on “China/Arab League Build Ties: Encirclement of the West Advances

  1. This turn of events was prophesied eons ago by those who listened to and followed the Ancient of Days, the Lord God in Heaven. You can read of these events for yourselves in the scriptures related to the End Times and Messianic Prophecies… Ezekiel, Daniel, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Zechariah, Zephaniah, Malachi and, yes, even in the Brit Chadasaha. Determine to read with open minds and hearts… and you may just discover the future is now.

  2. Is anyone really surprised?

    All of us in every country need to get some backbone and read about what liberty and freedom really means and if we have to resist, then we resist. “We” are all human beings.
    “They” are mega-wealthy elitist globalists who would like to eradicate the great unwashed.

    I am ashamed of my government. I am ashamed that we Americans who really know what’s going on are not taken seriously. We live in the most dangerous time in history I think, and unless we start saying “NO” to governments and those who control those governments, we are all going to be enslaved.

    We are frogs being cooked alive in the warming pot of water.

    Thanks, Trevor!

  3. 2 questions come to mind , does the WH want this collusion to happen to weaken the U.S. without having to appear as though Obama is to blame or does the W.H. not have so much as a clue what to do or what it’s doing . I’m afraid the answer could be both .

  4. What we are seeing here is an alliance of conveinence; the fact of the matter is, these two cultural and ideological spheres are vast in the differences, save for wanting to take down the west and set themselves up as the next generation of super powers, in time they will turn upon one another, or cave in from within.


  6. This is not good in any way shape or form for Western nations. I just wonder how much worse it will get…and if it will ever get better. So many nations actually want to destroy the Western World as we know it. Of course this is only one way of looking at a bleak situation. I will say no more now.

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