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  1. I’ve been a Republican since the day I turned 18 in November 1972. I served 14 years in the US Marine Corps. Allen West violated his oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic when he voted to extend the egregious provisions of the misnamed Patriot Act in February 2011.

    The 3 provisions West voted to extend are an abrogation of the 1st, 4th and 5th amendments to the US Constitution.

    • The “roving wiretap” provision allows the FBI to obtain wiretaps from a secret intelligence court, known as the FISA court (for Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act), without identifying the target or what method of communication is to be tapped.

    • The “lone wolf” measure allows FISA court warrants for the electronic monitoring of a person for whatever reason — even without showing that the suspect is an agent of a foreign power or a terrorist. The government has said it has never invoked that provision, but the Obama administration said it wanted to retain the authority to do so.

    • The “business records” provision allows FISA court warrants for any type of record, from banking to library to medical, without the government having to declare that the information sought is connected to a terrorism or espionage investigation.

    The Patriot Act violates the First Amendment’s guarantee of free speech by prohibiting recipients of search orders from telling others about those orders, where there is no real need for secrecy.

    Violates the First Amendment by effectively authorizing the FBI to conduct investigations of American citizens in part of exercising their free speech.

    Violates the Fourth Amendment, which says the government cannot conduct a search without a warrant and showing probable cause to believe that the person has committed or will commit a crime.

    Violates the Fifth Amendment by failing to provide notice – even after the fact – to persons whose privacy has been compromised. Notice is a key element of due process, which is guaranteed by the Fifth Amendment. Notice allows one to question irregularities in the warrant and forces law enforcement to operate in the open. Without notice, we have created a secret Gestapo.

    America has had a Patriot Act for more than 200 years. We refer to this act as the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights.

  2. Each time I hear Congressman West speak I am impressed with his articulate presentation. He understands the dangers our country faces. And now, what a treat to see someone with some muscle. Bet he has 6 pack abs. You rock Mr. West!!

  3. We all must join together to convince this man to run in 2012. We need his strength, knowledge and experience. This is the leadership that will pull us out this hole that the liberal Left has thrown our country into.

    1. From today’s weekly wrap up message from Rep. LTC. Allen West, I quote:

      “. . . I feel it is time we had an honest conversation. I have been deeply humbled by the petitions and admonitions to pursue a higher office, realizing that I have only been a Congressional Representative for a tad over 100 days.

      However, if we are to restore our Republic, we must realize that the real power in America resides in each of you and through you in the ‘People’s House,” the House of Representatives. Therefore, if we are to restore our Republic, we must redeem the importance of the “People’s House,” the House of Representatives, the place from which legislation emanates and has final approval. I believe it is imperative for me to be a part of the redemption of the title ‘Congressional Representative.’ And, frankly to me, if there is one cherished position in America, because of my belief in the importance of the House of Representatives to our democracy, it is Speaker of the House, the keeper of the voice of the American people.

      Be careful of the “cult of personality” and the resulting elevation of “king” – which the Founding Fathers abhorred and fought against, and dare I say, seems what we now have. Take a lesson from the early days of Israel when the people clamored for a king, God gave them Saul, and the rest is well known.

      I am right where God would have me, and, need I remind you all, we worked doggone hard to win this Congressional district…and will do so again in 2012. It is just exhilarating that the Democrat party has me at the top of its list to beat. I love a good fight. . .”

  4. We need to support Israel and America togeather; we are among the last and lone bastions against the madness and darkness of the world about us. The storm is here and it is now, so hang on and with God’s aid, we all will make it through.

  5. Be still my heart. Now that image brings home some mmmmm, mmmm mmmm. Florida Representative LTC Allen West 2012!!

    1. oh YAH… by the way, that shirt is available on line. Just go looking for Israel Defense Force and you’ll find it. I have one.

    2. this is probably why he WON’T run. He’d never be able to get out on his Harley. Damn. But I’m still hoping.

      1. I have been begging and writing him since he first started to run for office. He would be and awesome President. I’m so sick of the lefty loonies saying I’m Prejudice against our “Dear Leader”, Its not about color dumb dumb socialists its about love for our Country who is quickly fading. We need West like we need air to breathe. He is our only hope. The Republicans Rhinos need to go, that being Snowe, L. Graham, Macain, and many others, and sadly our Speaker too may need to go he is not serious about rescuing this country. Lets face it they hate God, they love abortion, people must wake up. Pray for West he is the Best.

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