ElBaradei’s Agenda: War With Israel, Socialism at Home

“Democracy” has come to Egypt.

From Ynet

Mohamed ElBaradei

Former International Atomic Energy Agency chief Mohamed ElBaradei, who had previously announced his intentions to run for the presidency of Egypt, said Monday that “if Israel attacked Gaza we would declare war against the Zionist regime.

In an interview with the Al-Watan newspaper he said: “In case of any future Israeli attack on Gaza – as the next president of Egypt – I will open the Rafah border crossing and will consider different ways to implement the joint Arab defense agreement.

Discussing his agenda for Egypt, ElBaradei said that distribution of income between the different classes in Egypt would be his most important priority if he were to win the upcoming elections.


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1 thought on “ElBaradei’s Agenda: War With Israel, Socialism at Home

  1. Yes, he is a Soros/Dinerjacket instrument of taking Cairo to its past and will give Israel and the U.S a hard time. Iranians will be on he other side of the crossing of Gaza, pushing heavy duty Russian made rockets, and the Muslim Brotherhood will take charge of education, social affairs and various services, restricting freedoms, imposing stricter religious rules, taking the Arabs back to the romantic caravan days of Muhammad and his den of riding lunatics. Islam is an operating software which belongs to history not to the future. The cheering West and the hordes of assorted Lefty groupies will regret their dreams of liberalization when they wake up one morning and see the opposite of what they hoped for.

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