5 thoughts on “Unions: "Get Back to the Jobs You Are Lucky to Have"

  1. "Trade Unions are the school of Communism" Lenin

    Sam NZ: Some unionism is good and necessary. But unions that are too powerful and big are dangerous.

  2. I have no real knowledge of how it works in other countries, but being a member of the ppta in NZ I can see the benefit of our union. We perform a public service under incredible pressure for a pittance and our good will is continually expected to fill the gaps.

    Whether education should be compulsory is another story…

  3. Organized labor (unions) IS communism; "workers of the world-unite"; "DICTATORSHIP of the proletariat"; etc. The key word is DICTATORSHIP.

    The labor union movement in this country was started by the American communist party, which also spawned the democrat party, its political stooge. Look at the CPUSA's website.

    The labor union movement dominated by communist influences is designed to bankrupt and destroy the efficiency of a capitalist national economy.

  4. This is the best advice that I have heard, is for workers to "get back the the jobs they are lucky to have."

    When a person if hired by an employer, the union worker says it is his/her right to work there. NO IT ISN"T!! You were hired to work for the payment agreed upon.

    After being hired, these same persons now think it was their right to be hired. What a crock of nonsense.

    I say the GOP put a lot of their energy into breaking the backs of these unions once and for all.

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