4 thoughts on “Union Thugess Threatens Dem Congressmen

  1. You don't "get it". Nobody has to put up with liberal, socialist, union thuggery and crap like it. Face 'em down, and if they want to go to violence, everybody can play. I'm so tired of being pushed around by liberalism, PC issues that are really non issues, and being told how to believe and how to act and react at every turn by people unworthy to carry my dirty underwear to the laundry hamper. Screw the liberal left! I'm tired of their sorry unreality.

  2. Just as the New Civility was just for the Right,

    The “Commonsense” Disarmament proposals are just for the Law-abiding.

  3. I seen all the video on Glenn Becks news letter. Mostly college kids. They were good learners in the communist schools grade's 1 thru college, you know the Liberal socialist curriculam(sp) that have striped any Pro America Capitolist info from the books and teachings.
    Then there were the cry baby Union thugs with the bull horns trying to incite a violent riot, get blood on your hands and some must die.
    What utter crap! And the parents of these kids were the hippies of the 60's and stand behind whatever their babies want to do.
    These kids were just out to have fun.
    Pam H.

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