6 thoughts on “"There’s 192 Countries That Exist In The World & We Give Foreign Aid To Over 150 Of Them!"

  1. "Foreign aid" is a BRIBE….to make things easier for certain American business entities to trade in those countries receiving aid. Simple as that. The "aid" goes, mostly, into the pockets of the ruling class and/or buys them the military strength to stay in power…..look at the UN for an eye opener on that kind of corruption. All those pukes have their hands in the US "largess till".

  2. Most countries hate us- Stop paying them! How is it we give foreign aid to China and the rest of the countries that have taken our good jobs while giving us there poor to support? Telling their poor we owe them. Wake up demand for budgets to be slashed. They spent trilliions the last two years and deep the cuts need to be done responsibly.

  3. We are broke! "Charity begins at home."

    All of our 'give-aways" have bought only enemies.

    It must stop! We cannot give what we haven't got!

  4. Foreign aid, if even allowed to exist, should be restricted to strengthening our allies only.

    Any aid recipient who desparages and condemns the US and its policies should be immediately disqualified from our foreign largesse.

    If marxism-socialism was forced to pay its own way it would whither on the vine as it did in the USSR.

    We have supported the rest of the world long enough.

  5. While government aid may be intended to "influence" other countries, you can not argue against the fact that Americans and American corporations CHOOSE to be philanthropic and help when we are able. The following article shows that as of 2005; 79% of all foreign aid leaving America's shores is directly provided by the PRIVATE SECTOR (the other 21% being government funded aid which, yes, had to have been generated in the private sector first, but this is another argument); and of the $95 Billion in private sector aid, over half came directly from individual American citizens:


    I also point out that the US consistantly provides the largest quantity of foreign aid, more than double the 2nd place contributer which was Germany in 2008:


    The US and our people are always first to be scolded, but we NEVER receive the credit for anything we do which may be positive. It's true that we are not perfect, but we have done tremendous good as well.

  6. I must say, that in large part aid is given to these countries so the US, and not other countries like China or Russia, will have an influence on them. Although it's probably too much and too wasted.

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