Teacher Union’s Top Priority – Raw Power

From 2009.

National Education Association General Counsel Bob Chanin Says Farewell.

The most honest explanation of union power and priorities I have heard for a long time.

Appallingly, the assembled teachers applaud.


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4 thoughts on “Teacher Union’s Top Priority – Raw Power

  1. Headline: Michael Moore rallies Wis. pro-union protesters

    Michael Moore is Revolting.

    So, what else is New?

  2. I've seen this clip played for Liberals on Fox and they all come to the same conclusion "that was taken out of context" , that's the common excuse when backed into a corner , sort of like the Planned Parenthood sting videos were said to have been Dr'd by their mouth piece who admitted to not yet seeing them . I thought Moveon.org was on top of their propaganda game , for once I'm wrong about them .

  3. perfect summary of what is going on right now in Wisconsin, Ohio and other USA states as the union-goonies protest…

    love it when their own words describe their stupidities

    good find Trevor

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