Anti-Smacking Law Has Little Public Support

From Rodney Hide’s Blog

ACT Leader Rodney Hide says he is disappointed that the “Anti-Smacking Bill” appears to have the numbers to pass into law.

“The people of New Zealand have not been consulted on this proposal. Once again, Parliament is arrogantly foisting its view on the rest of the country“, Mr Hide said.

I asked the people of Epsom what they think in a scientific poll, and they are overwhelmingly opposed.

“If those MPs supporting the Bill have actually asked their constituents’ opinions, I challenge them to release the results.

“Where is the openness and accountability in passing a law that would affect thousands of families – without even asking what people think?” Mr Hide asked.

Poll Question and result as follows:
There has been a lot of discussion recently about the so called “anti-smacking bill” before parliament. Do you support the proposed changes to Section 59 of the Crimes Act, which will abolish the use of parental force for the purpose of correction?

Yes 21%
No 68%
Don’t Know 11%
Refused 1%


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1 thought on “Anti-Smacking Law Has Little Public Support

  1. Discusted , it is now for sure that there will be droves of people whom will complain about ill treatment of kids and the police will have to ignore all of it as they are already short handed.
    What a farce , and suggest that nobody in the coming elections votes for those for the vote!!!!!!!!!!!

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