Must See: Farrakhan Prepares His People for Coming Fire and Bloodshed

Minister Louis Farrakhan spoke to an audience of over 16,000 with thousands more watching globally via live webcast at the Nation of Islam’s annual convention, Feb. 27, 2011. 

Farrakhan’s message “this is the time of war!”


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9 thoughts on “Must See: Farrakhan Prepares His People for Coming Fire and Bloodshed

  1. yah, that's right the real Americans, Cochese was to weak to be a real American and got his ass kicked. booyah

  2. Since I first heard him speak YEARS ago, I've wondered why this race-hate monger wasn't deported and assets siezed. And BFF of Obama's hate preacher.

  3. Farrakan, Jackson, Sharpton, Wright, Ayers, many Black leaders, George Sorus, and others planned the overthrow of the US.
    Obama was selected, Muslim father, White mother, Black wife, endorced by Oprah, Chicago ties.
    Black Church, Prince Hall Masons. eastern Star, NAACP. SLC< Black Cacus, and many others.
    Blacks taking revenge on whites.
    Middle East Muslims, and others with the money helped to educate him finance his campaign.
    Look up the following:-
    African press International
    Chicago Sun Times archives.
    Scandals, ties, Trinity United Church of Christ.
    Wright D—-America.
    Youtube Obama speeches.
    This is a part of the picture.
    Panthers at the polls, election fraud, Hillary pushed aside.
    The signs were there all along.
    if he incites a race war, Obama will have to take action because he is POTUS. If he refuses to take action, the consequenses will be very grave.
    read up on why Judge Roll in Arizona was killed as per the European Union Times.
    Very scary

  4. Why isn't this man arrested for preaching hatred and enciting riots? I guess he and obummer are probably friends!

  5. I noticed that he being the Leader of the Nation of Islam he doesn't bother to quote from the Koran but instead all his quotes are from the bible.

    Since he is preaching this hate and sedition why isn't he behind bars?

    If he is trying to trigger a race war he and his useful idiots may not like the response from the rest of America. They had better be careful for what they wish for.

  6. His meeting with the dictator of Iran and the New Black Panther Party during the last United Nations get together is starting to make sense now .

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