Madison Socialist Marks Out Battle Lines

Don Taylor is an assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin’s School for Workers.

Don Taylor

He is a long time member of Democratic Socialists of America, in New Hampshire and now in Madison.

Taylor, who has been heavily involved in the Wisconsin protests,  reasons that Republicans have done “progressives” a favor in passing their “Budget Repair Bill.”

In Taylor’s mind, GOP tactics will unite the left unequivocally behind the Democratic Party.

From D.S.A.’s Talking Union Blog

The Republicans separated the anti-labor provisions from the budget bill, creating a “non-fiscal” bill with lower quorum requirements. They then passed that “non-fiscal” bill, 18-1, with no Democrats present. The next day, the state Assembly passed the bill 53-42.

In doing so, they have done the Wisconsin democracy movement a huge favor…

The favor the Republicans have done the progressive movement is that they have made the political lines of this fight crystal clear. The Democrats’ hands are clean in this fight. The distinction between those who stood with us and those who are against us is obvious and unblurred.

Granted, the Democrats are not a progressive political force at all times. But in the current fight in Wisconsin, with no reshaping of the party system imminent, we have a clear example of a party that mounted an unprecedented assault on working people and a party that took a stand against that assault.

Despair is hard to find; the people in the streets are more determined than before. The next stage of escalation has begun. The scale of direct action will grow and become more strategic. Yesterday, people withdrew nearly $200,000 from M&I Bank, a contributor to Gov. Walker’s campaign – causing the branch near the capitol to close. These types of actions against Republican politicians and their campaign donors will multiply and spread statewide.

Ahead of us lies a string of recall efforts and eventually, the 2012 elections. The Republicans have thrown a tanker full of fuel on the fire, and have done so in a way so that the people’s movement will not hesitate to support Democrats right down the line. They have removed the “lesser of two evils” from the political calculation, making our choices starkly apparent.

For that, I suppose, we can thank them.

We can also thank Don Taylor, for making the choices crystal clear for our side.

The battle is between the socialist left and their minions in the Democratic Party and the Tea Party movement and genuinely constitutionalist Republicans.

There has never been a clearer choice for genuine  Americans. Any self proclaimed patriot  who is still a union member or Democratic Party supporter should  resign, or change allegiances immediately – or else openly  admit they are happy to side with evil.


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4 thoughts on “Madison Socialist Marks Out Battle Lines

  1. Apparently, tail gunner Joe’s crusade against communist infiltration–and unAmerican activities—didn’t go far enough. All one has to do is look at those countries where there was a successful “workers’ revolution” to overthrow “capitalism” and to free the “oppressed” to see what that kind of insane Marxist thinking brings: totalitarian oppression of everyone BUT the vanguard Party supporters; ethnic genocides; “collectivist justice.” And “that” is considered social “progress”?

  2. Great! Let's post the "battle line" far and wide and let the American people choose. No more squishy middle for them to hide in. Draw the line, sound the trumpet, and let the battle begin. Winner take all, loser moves to Europe or Egypt to live among the socialists and Baalists, I mean Islamists they love so much!

  3. The problem is that many union members want their sweetheart deals over what is best for America. I see it everyday. Unfortunately many are willing to take and take till there is no more left. We are about to see what happens when there is no more money left ot give away, because Obama and the Dems only want to cut .02% of discresionary spending. If we cannot cut out the easy things such as Harry Reids cowboy poetry, what are we going to cut? It is insanity or devised by design.

    Then there are the progressives that made their cushy lifesyles and retirements off the backs of hard working Americans only to support redistributing other peoples wealth, not their own. I had a debate with a retired woman who is well off and she says that we need to feed the world and redistribute the wealth of Aamerica. But when I asked her for a 10,000 dollar check, she said no, she meant Americas wealth not her own personal wealth. I guess there must be some Obama cash or stash like the black woman said Obama was going to give them before the election.

    Just like the hollywood types that do not pay their taxes but are so willing to tell everyone else they must pay more than their fair share and to give their money away to make it fair for the less fortunate. Or like the millionaire loon Michael Moore, Americas wealth is a natural resource for all Americans to divide, except his own money of course.

    It is really a disease.

  4. As a Wisconsin taxpayer, I want to thank the Socialists for listing all the businesses that they are boycotting/punishing. I intend to seek out these businesses and spend, spend, spend gobs and gobs of money. The public unions in Wisconsin are nothing but a bunch of thieves. Boycotts and recall elections work both ways. I am voting with my dollars!

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