Help KeyWiki Expose Communist Infiltration of the Missouri State Legislature

In the last decade, the Missouri/Kansas District of the Communist Party USA has made a concerted effort to infiltrate the Missouri Democratic Party and in particular, the Missouri state legislature.

Ley Moye
Lew Moye

Many of Missouri’s pro-communist legislators were recruited through the communist controlled Coalition of Black Trade Unionists. This group was headed for many years by Lew Moye, a Democrat, with a long history with the Communist Party. Moye is also a former adviser to Missouri Congressman William “Lacy” Clay.

The communists have even campaigned vigorously for Missouri’s US Senator Claire McCaskill.

One of the earliest communist successes was the election of John L. Bowman to the Missouri legislature in the early 2000s.

Bowman’s career ended in 2010, with a conviction for credit card fraud, but he is still working with the communists to influence state politics.

Other notable Communist Party affiliates in Missouri State politics include:

The current Communist Party affiliates in the Missouri House include Reps. Clem Smith and Karla May.

Former State House member Maria Chappelle-Nadal is a now a good friend of the Party in the Missouri State Senate.

Clem Smith, Rita Heard Days, and Communist Party member Tony Pecinovsky
Clem Smith, Rita Heard Days and Communist Party member Tony Pecinovsky

Key Missouri communists behind this infiltration include Tony Pecinovsky and campaign strategist Glenn Burleigh, a former ACORN activist who has campaigned for Claire McCaskill and personally managed the successful 2008 campaign for Robin Wright-Jones, and for State Rep. Michael Butler in 2012.

Glenn Burleigh
Glenn Burleigh

Burleigh is currently managing the campaign of St. Louis mayoral candidate Lewis Reed.

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7 thoughts on “Help KeyWiki Expose Communist Infiltration of the Missouri State Legislature

  1. Thanks so much Trevor for all you do for America to keep us informed.

    I am from St Louis and was skeptical about Reed running for Mayor of the city. So thanks for that profile. And of course the Aspen Institute raised a red flag with me having done research a few years back. Trying to find the old reliable web site I lost, a hit on Discover the Networks was look no further.

    Thanks again,

    God bless


  2. Thanks for posting this info – a big help to us in Missouri, who, despite having a Republican supermajority, still apparently have the cancer of Communism in our two metropolitan areas (STL and KC).

    Of note, Chappelle-Nadal is just a former state rep, but a current state senator.

  3. Key Wiki
    Dear Trevor ,
    Thank you for all you are doing. I found you recently after viewing the Agenda Documentary by Curtis Bowers.
    My folks were strong in the JBS back in the 60’s . If I can contribute financially this year I will, but am on limited income. But know there are many like myself who are eager to become more informed and who stand with you.
    If you need something from me here in Southern California just let me know.

    Sincerely , David Wade

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