Communist Party Calls for Stepped Up Struggle in Wisconsin

The Communist Party USA will not be taking the passing of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s “Budget Repair Bill” lying down.

In a statement issued by the Peoples World editorial board, Wisconsin Republicans’ victory will be short-lived, the Communist leadership made it clear that the “Battle of Madison” is far from over.

Wisconsin Republicans and their extremist corporate backers may have pulled a fast one last night, but we predict their victory will be short-lived.

Thumbing their noses at the unprecedented, united outpouring of protest by the working people of Wisconsin, state Senate Republicans bypassed rules and democratic process to stage a Republicans-only vote to destroy collective bargaining rights for public workers…

This latest cold-blooded backroom maneuver strikes a blow at deep-rooted American feelings about democracy and basic rights of working people.

And the people of Wisconsin have shown they will not take it lying down. Over the past month, their united, creative and determined grassroots Cheesehead spirit has electrified the nation…

A movement to recall Republican lawmakers and the governor is gaining steam. Just three state senators need to be recalled to end Republican control of the Senate. Another immediate focus is mobilizing to elect liberal assistant attorney general Joanne Kloppenburg to the state Supreme Court on April 5. She would replace a right-wing Republican and tip the court balance toward worker rights in key rulings. Expect mass actions of all kinds in the coming days and weeks… A broad and united people’s movement can never be defeated.

The Communist Party understands that the outcome of this struggle will be a major turning point in American history. The communists know that their only hope is to  make an example of Wisconsin, so that other state legislators will hesitate to pass similar laws in their own states.

Now is the time for all freedom lovers to support the Wisconsin Republican State senators in their efforts to save their state from bankruptcy and mob rule.

The consequences of this drama go far beyond Wisconsin – far beyond the United States.

Wisconsin is to fiscal responsibility, what Arizona was to responsible immigration reform.


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8 thoughts on “Communist Party Calls for Stepped Up Struggle in Wisconsin

  1. A good blog always comes-up with new and exciting information and while reading I have feel that this blog is really have all those quality that qualify a blog to be a good one.

  2. I'll keep protesting until the billionaires that bought the election, stacked the courts and sent Tea Party thugs to insult us as we marched peacefully in our own state. We will keep fighting and pushing for a general strike. The right has gone crazy that this is happening. Women and children, firefighters and cops, teachers, janitors, clerical workers are being labelled as an "elite", being called jihadists, communists, anarchists. Women, young people and workers are the backbone of this and I look at editorials saying they should be beaten and gassed and arrested just for peacefully demonstrating. There were no riots, people all got along. We were even polite to the Tea Party jerks and cleaned up after them. We are tired of seeing workers villified as if they were some billionaire aristocracy parasitically feeding off the poor oppressed "republican" masses. I've even heard Rush Limbaugh saying that Honduran death squads should be brought up here to do what they do best, implying that they should torture and murder us. It is nice to know what my fellow "Americans" think about my very existence.

    We're tired of seeing rural communities starved of funding for schools and clinics. We are tired of layoffs, "furlough days", wage freezes and wealthy hired scribblers propagandizing against us as if we had bankrupted this country and not real estate speculators and Wall Street firms.

    Anyone who has been awake for the last twenty years would know the Feds have bled the states of funding while wasting more and more on military adventures that never end and thus will never be won. The Feds blew it all on the military and Wall Street, they then passed the price off onto the states, for programs the Feds encouraged them to have and then blamed the public sector workers who keep the states functioning on the ground level despite shrinking budgets. If you are rich enough to buy an election you can pay a little more in taxes to keep your country running. At least I know this isn't my country anymore and I owe it nothing. At least I know where I stand.

    The USSR has been gone twenty years now and the rightists are still freaking out about "communism" or "socialism". Everyone has a right to a political point of view. If people were at all focused on reality this is about economic austerity. It is about people who are tired of paying for your failed republic that is now just an empire run by billionaires and bankers. Class warfare rhetoric exists now because of your rightwing extremism. You will recreate a communist movement because you never knew what to do when the Soviet Union fell. It was the worst thing the USSR could do to the rightists–cause them to lose an enemy.

    Of course the rightists biggest heroes supported communists. Reagan gave money to Pol Pot to fight the Vietnamese. Nixon started our business with China so as to break the USSR and Vietnam. The US government under Ford encouraged China to invade VIetnam, and China lost just like the French and the Americans and the Japanese. The right wing loves doing business with Communist China. There are slave wages, no functioning unions and no freedom, everything a Republican loves. Republicans only know repression, violence, austerity and permanent war. They have to shout about Nazis, commies and jihadists to keep themselves angry all the time.

    There is more to this world than is dreamt of in your philosophy.

  3. Well at least if the idiot pictured's sign is correct, we can expect the usual "Dead Dem" voter will not be able to cast a vote to recall.

    And btw, Trevor (also my son's name, as it happens) THANK you for your excellent blog work. Sad that Americans have to turn to our friends around the world to get the truth American media won't.

  4. Dear Trevor,

    I hope that you have sent these articles that you have written to Gov Walker – PLEASE

  5. Seriously bro of course some stupid commie fringe people are gonna show up to protest and try and push their wares

    This was about workers rights in a democracy that should be capitalist enough for your liking jesus

  6. What we are seeing in Wisconsin is the dismantling of communism, or at least its beginning.

    After all, organized labor IS communism – "workers of the world-unite"; "DICTATORSHIP (got that?) of the proletariat"; etc. It is the communists, not Americans, that are rioting in Wisconsin.

    Communist dominated labor unions are designed to disrupt and destroy the efficiency of a capitalist economy, and that of the nation.

    Socialism cannot produce, they simply STEAL (redistribute) the product of the labor of others.

    It is the greed of the poor people, not of the rich people that creates poverty. The rich people are the producers of wealth wealth, while the poor people are the consumers.

    When there are more producers in relation to consumers, a surplus is generated which drives commodoty prices down.

    When there are more consumers than producers, a shortage ensues which drives prices up. Higher prices are a burden on poor, not rich, people.

    Marxist unions are killing the goose that is laying their golden eggs. Organized labor should complement, not destroy the source of their employment.

    Nowhere has marxism benifited mankind, it has resulted in the most diabolical state run mass murder machine and engine of carnage in human history. Its consequence is widespread famine, not prosperity (except for "party members").

  7. After 100 million deaths and the misery and wreckage of scores of socialist regimes over the past 200 years, the commies will not abandon their delusional dreams.
    Lenin had nothing but contempt for the "useful idiots" in the working class that he and his middle class intellectuals sought to control, and the hubris continues today.

  8. "Thumbing their noses at the unprecedented, united outpouring of protest by the working people of Wisconsin…"

    Fascinating how they twist this. They fail to note that the MAJORITY of voters in the state are against them.

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