5 thoughts on “West Bests CAIR Pest

  1. May God bless those suffering through the earthquake in N.Z. and may he give us a Real President.This man qualifies for that job.May God protect us from Islam and Communism.

  2. Another example of the parallel between CAIR and the commies…They both use the same style of argumentation. i.e., Blame the victim – change the subject – make an ass of yourself! West is too tough for them and they know it. That’s why they hate his guts, and anyone who stands their ground!

  3. I love this man!!! Allen West is fearless and he REALLY LOVES AMERICA!!! He is a must watch individual and potential Obama challenger in 2012.

    P.S. New Zeal please keep up the great work.

  4. Alan West is dangerous! I fear for his life. He is so clear and logical. A definite threat to the delusional left.

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