Why Has Cuba Sent a Senior Diplomat to Little Ol’ New Zealand?

First Samoa opens diplomatic relations with Cuba-now New Zealand has its first ever resident Cuban ambassador.

The man on the left is almost certainly Robaina Garcia


José Luis Robaina Garcia is the Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba. Mr Garcia’s last posting was as Minister Counsellor in the Cuban Embassy in the People’s Republic of China. From 2004 until now Mr Garcia was the Director of the Centre of Asia and Oceania Studies within the Department of International relations of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party. He will be Cuba’s first Ambassador resident in New Zealand.

Allegedly an NGO the Center for Studies on Asia and Oceania formerly directed by Robaina Garcia is;

an academic institution promoting the study of Asia and Oceania, as well as exploring the interconnections between Cuba and this region. CEAO also has consult status in the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations. The investigations undertaken by CEAO focus on four areas: globalization and integration; governance; military and economic security; and sustainable development.

CEAO does academic research along with facilitating the flow of information between Cuba and the Asia-Pacific, in order to educate both the Cuban public about Asia and Oceania and increase knowledge of Cuba in the Asia-Pacific region. The Center pays particular attention to exploring the effects of capitalism, socialism, and globalization on this third world region, to discover what lessons can be learned for the Cuban situation.

In other words, the organisation is probably a front for Cuban Intelligence.

What is such a high ranking Cuban “diplomat” doing in an international backwater like new Zealand? Why come from a senior post in China and the directorship of a leading Cuban “NGO” to the bottom of the Western World?

This the second senior “Evil Empire” highflyer to take up an ambassadorship in New Zealand in recent times.

Why the apparent growing interest in our region?


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2 thoughts on “Why Has Cuba Sent a Senior Diplomat to Little Ol’ New Zealand?

  1. Yeah, the Cubans will also come to dance salsa, a sort of revolutionary hipnotic technique used by hard core communist and terrorist to infiltrate the loneliness of NZ women, who will be under the influence and they will let their panties down and there it goes in the communist in-filtation…many half commie ahlff salsa half kiwi babies…

  2. He has come to lil ol’ Nuzild to see if our government is as stupid as its foreign policy would seem to suggest.

    As we have already recently signed a military co-operation agreement with Vietnam, Cuba will be looking to do something similar. It doesn’t matter WHAT the agreement actually is, just so long as they are seeing to make diplomatic and/or trade inroads into the Pacific in order to shake America and Australia’s tree a bit… just to stir the pot. Nuzild will oblige in this respect without a doubt.

    Also, the Cubans will be looking to establish a degree of influence among the Pacific’s failed or soon-to-be-failed states. The only thing they really have to sell apart from cigars is military know-how and tactical training (a la Angola), and they’ll find a ready market for their skills in the ‘pacific’ I’m sure.

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