Hannity Versus Chaudhary

Fiery Sean Hannity interview with ultra-militant London Imam Anjem Choudary.

If only Hannity had been less confrontational, Choudary might have shown even more of his true views.

What comes across is the militant anti Americanism and “social justice” ultra-leftism of Britain’s most publicly militant Islamic cleric.


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8 thoughts on “Hannity Versus Chaudhary

  1. hahah wow. this guy is literally insane, ill be damned before i live under islamic rule. 72 virgins? why not 80 or 1,000 virgins…….where do they come up with this anti-freedom bullsh*t? and for the record Hannity blasted his A$$

  2. When are liberals going to wake up and take a look at what we are dealing with here. They want to convert or kill every single person in this country because of some perceived wrong doing. We are at war andour entire way of life is threatened. You cannot sit down and reason with people who feel they are doing God's work. This country has gotten soft and if we dont wake up were absolutely going to have another 911 on our hands

  3. John H, the only embarassment to FOX are Geraldo, Shep and Alan Colmes… oh and Beckel plus other leftists on various "panels" as FOX goes WAY overboard trying to be "fair and balanced"…

    WHERE is the "balance" on MSNBC? CNN? ABC? CBS? NBC?

    If anything, FOX should be MORE center/right…

    Hannity is the only one I can stand these days… Beck is OK but bit preachy sometimes. O'Reilly NEVER lets his guests barely utter a word and he's interrupting…

    Anyway, I was cheering "RIGHT on Hannity"! at the end of this interview.

    MORE honesty from FOX, PLEASE…

  4. I am going to stop listening to Hannity. I am a Republican Conservative but he is rude and he never lets his guests talk. If he doesn't want them to talk, don't invite them on.He is becoming an embarrassment to Fox.

  5. Let them hang themselves with their own words. When will people just let them do it? Let them explain their logic. Let them tell everyone what they really believe. When they do it in a measured, reasonable tone it will give all of the talk show guys 100x more ammo to go after them with. Not to mention that smart people may actually open their eyes and pay attention to their words.

  6. Very, very poor interview indeed. Hannity should have shut up and let this man explain the evil he represents for all to see.

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