Canadian PM Harper – Canada Will Defend Israel "Whatever the Cost"

A fine speech from Steven Harper.

If only the U.S. President was on the same side.


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5 thoughts on “Canadian PM Harper – Canada Will Defend Israel "Whatever the Cost"

  1. I agree LarryG. I am impressed with Canadian Prime Minister Harper's stance on Israel. At a time where U.S. President Obama turns his back on Israel, it is refreshing to note there are other leaders with a moral spine. Thank you!

  2. WOW! Clear Language! Pretty Cool! Hey Pres Obama! YOU SHOULD TRY IT, YOU ELEQUENT WINDBAG!!!

    and God Bless the USA, despite the president.


  3. I am from America and I wish our President would have made a speech like this one a long time ago. Makes me wonder what side he really is on? The world should know that we the American people are for Isreal. God bless us all!

  4. I don't see that Israel's national interests always coincide with those of the U.S. or New Zealand. In fact right now there is a lawsuit in the States against the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) over its stealing classified U.S. government documents that were taken to the Israeli Embassy in Washington. See: – "AIPAC Challenged in Court Over Espionage and Theft of Classified Report Investigation". Sometimes American defense secrets have been shared by Israel with other nations with potentially damaging consequences for U.S. troops. Philip Giraldi (former CIA man) has written about numerous examples of damaging spying by Israel against the U.S. in "The American Conservative" magazine ( and on his facebook page. While the radical Islamists are a danger to world freedom, it is also true that the actions of Israel are not always helpful to the U.S. and sometimes are harmful to the cause of peace and freedom for other countries.

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