8 thoughts on “Gene Simmons’ Tribute to the U.S. Military

  1. This was from his show on A&E, episode titled "Uncle Gene Wants You" here's the synopsis: When Sophie is assigned a paper on the armed forces, Gene arranges a private tour of San Diego's Camp Pendleton to aid in her research. While there, some good-natured father/daughter smack-talk results in the two going head to head in brutal basic training exercises. Inspired by the dedication and patriotism they witness, Gene records a new rock n' roll anthem for the armed forces and returns to Pendleton to perform live for the troops. – If you don't like Simmons or Kiss you will if you get the chance to see this episode, especially at the very end. God Bless Gene Simmons & Kiss Rocks!

  2. Trevor I can always count on you for finding cool stuff like this. Thank you for all your doing.

  3. Hi Trevor,
    What a wonderful treat. Thank you for posting this video. It's Flag Day on Monday (6/14) and I am posting the video with a link to you in celebration of the day.
    I'm still smiling.

  4. Just a comment, Gene is not the ex bassist of KISS. he is the current bass player; with the band from teh start.

    i think they are on tour currently as well.

  5. God Bless you, sir, your band, and these wonderful young men and women.

    God Bless America. She is under attack from without and, I'm afraid, from within.

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