Socialist vs Capitalist Debate – Must Watch

Fascinating 1980 debate including arch  socialist Frances Fox Piven and free market economists Thomas Sowell and Milton Friedman.

Ignore the silly Brit. The hairstyles are more amiusing.

The society that puts equality before freedom will end up with neither. The society that puts freedom before equality, will end up with a good measure of both…

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5 thoughts on “Socialist vs Capitalist Debate – Must Watch

  1. Piven shows her true colors and true ignorance of the human being. I now see the definition of the term "Intellectual Idiot".

    The very notion that government can solve problems is always why socialism and so-called "social justice" will always fail.

    I loved the analogy of "Trimming all the trees of the forest to see they are the same height". Oddly enough, unless you keep trimming them, some will grow taller and faster than others.

    These people just read and think their whole lives in dank universities and never really studied history, nor gained common sense by experiencing real life.

    The only governmental system that has ever shown long term success is a small Republican form of government with freedom at it's core. The idea a government is more qualified to "fix" society than the individual people themselves has always shown to be ludicrous, insane and always ends in colossal (and usually bloody) failure.

  2. It's always a pleasure watching Milton Friedman debate; he had an amazing way of making his point clear without being aggressive or disrespectful. His arguments were based in facts and historical evidence; something Piven appears to be lacking.

    Mr. Sowell's responses are clear and etertaining to say the least.

    Thank you for sharing these Mr. Loudon

  3. Liberal, progressive, elitist, snob is what comes to mind listening to Piven's judgement of all things non-socialistic. She is one example of what is wrongwith America today. America became the greatest Country in history, the greatest Country to offer freedom of opportunity to every individual and to offer the greatest rewards to those who try and try again. The Country now has a cancer called Progressivism which is destroying everything that is good about America. With her credentials of Boston University and then Columbia University as her soil to plant her seeds of radicalism, I'll take Glenn Beck's views anytime and everytime!

  4. Dr. Sowell's reactions were classic. You just know he wanted to come out of that chair and slap her right in the back of the head.

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