Confession of an Unrepentant

Self serving “confession” from Rosenberg spy ring  fringe player  Miriam Moskowitz.

Blaming McCarthyism apparently absolves all crimes, up too and including treason.

Trouble is, Joseph McCarthy did not embark on his crusade, until after Moskowitz was convicted.

Lying isn’t necessarily something one grows out of.


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8 thoughts on “Confession of an Unrepentant

  1. As I've said before Sen.Joseph McCarthy has been vindicated.The only reason he would be an enemy of anyone is if they were a communist.As time has proven He certainly was right,there were and are communists under every bush and hiding behind the walls of the Whitehouse.Idiots have taken over folks

  2. Why is "McCartyism" a vice in "America"? In a communist country it could be considered a threat to the "state", but in America it is a warning of a clear and present danger to the security of this country.

    Access to Soviet archives and release of the Verona Papers has vindicated McCarthy, he was absolutely correct. There was communist infiltration in the US.

    Evidence exists that the Democrat Party was created by the communist party in 1924. It started with the labor union movement, which is what communism is – "workers of the world – unite!; dictatorship of the proletariet"; etc.

    Just google "communist origins of the DFL Party"; compare the DFL Party Platform with Ch. 10 of the USSR Constitution and you will find word for word similarities.

    The DFL is an appendage and front organization of the CPUSA, that is what it stands for, and whose bidding it does.

    McCarty was right. We had better wise up before it's too late.

  3. Right now I think most of the communists are in the White House, and the POTUS is getting everything he wants with the help of the democratic socialists, the labor union leadership, and the press. We need to wake up and boot as many communists out as we can in 2012.

  4. BLACKLISTED BY HISTORY,The Untold Story of SENATOR JOE McCARTHY, and His Fight Against America's Enemies.
    Author: M. Stanton Evans. 2007. H.B., 663 pages complete with copious reference notes.

    Author and journalist M. Stanton Evans, a long-time student of Cold War issues, spent more than six years researching this explosive new evaluation of Joe McCarthy. In documents buried in U.S.government archives, including troves of previously unexamined FBI files, formerly missing State Department records and heretofore unknown data from congressional investigations, he America's backstage Cold War. His astonishing findings reveal that McCarthy understood, better than his opponents cared to admit, the insidious forces that posed a very real threat to American society and institutions.

  5. True to form the communists then and now attach a stigmatism to the term McCarthyism. Just think of cancer for an analogy.It finds a healthy host and never contributing anything to it,begins a slow,or quick complete destruction of the host.They name call and attack and assassinate character never even attempting to sell their product on it's merits.

  6. @Don N.Z. – thanks for the tip about the book about Joe McCarthy.. fascinating stuff

    Commies are IN American gubmit all right…

    I couldn't stop reading the first few pages at Amazon link

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