Far Left To Fight "Right"

Socialist Aotearoa isn’t happy about the new National/ACT government.

They’re organising a fightback

From the

What’s going to happen?

First, strength and bravery from the Radical Left. We will be getting our shit together and uniting at a rapid speed of knots in the next few weeks.

Two, massive attacks on our rights and conditions as NAT-ACT implement the Shock Doctrine.

Three, resist or perish.

Shock doctrine? What do you mean?

How does that apply to NZ?

The International Financial Crisis applies everywhere- in Ireland they’re sacking teachers, cutting health care to the over 70s, introducing fees for 3rd Level.When it hits, this Crisis is gonna rip thru NZ and the poor are going to be hammered by NAT-ACT -we’re going to need hardcore fighters for the next 3 years of shit.

We need to hit the ground running this week, preparing the network of struggle in the universities, unions and communities.

We start this week by uniting the radical left around the slogan-

“We won’t pay for their Crisis”

Hold a major conference with international speakers on the theme in Feb/March and get ready to amp up the street politics with protests at every cutback and attack- recruit an army of those who want to resist this new right wing government.

Not just words. They’re even .


Ready to resist the Tory-ACT government, starting Monday?

Emergency Hui in Auckland on Weds

– public meeting next week “Right Wing Government and Global Capitalism in Crisis- Resisting the Shock Doctrine!”.

SA to start recruiting from anti capitalist Greens, left Maori party supporters opposed to a deal with Key, disillusioned social democrats bereft of strategy but wanting to fight back, union members opposed to destruction of workplace rights.

SA to meet with Unite union, Workers Party, Alliance, Anarchist network and RAM to begin organising joint radical Left fightback campaign.

Are we going back to the days when Sue Bradford and her comrades used to bleat on outside ACT and National Party conferences?

Is revolution in the air!


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9 thoughts on “Far Left To Fight "Right"

  1. Wow the communist Maori Party in a semi coalition Government with the right winged Act, how will you sleep at night Trevor.

  2. Anon-I am surprised by this, but not overly concerned.

    Both Stephen Franks and Ken Shirley came from the far left and there’s been a few ex-communists in the party that I know of.

    It is common for lefties to move right as they age-very rare to move the other way.

    Hopefully I’ll get a chance to chat with David about his youthful radicalism at some stage.

  3. Haha I think that is why Garrett has his terrible views on prisons. He must of seen how they “get tough on crime” in the gulags of the USSR and thought the model could be adopted in New Zealand.

  4. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz-election-2008/news/article.cfm?c_id=1501799&objectid=10542317

    The pugnacious Act MP disagrees with the blogosphere's description, preferring to call himself a "thinking conservative".

    "Mr Garrett certainly doesn't have a classic right-wing CV: he's a former member of the Socialist Unity Party, anti-Nuclear protester and Labour Party activist."

    sweet dreams for tonight trevor on the back of that news. what is your party up to? if it's not garrett it's sean tan, a former marxist.

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