12 thoughts on “Communist Van Jones On "Social Justice"

  1. I had to laugh when a commercial directly after TSOTU address on Fox News advertised coal as a clean energy source.

    As Glenn says, "Screw the caribou, drill Alaska!"

  2. Speaking of "Social Justice" — keep your eyes on Agenda 21 and the ICLEI. Many cities and towns in the US have all signed on — without realizing what they're doing. The "sustainable development" and sweet-sounding, soft socialism in these agreements — agreements NOT ratified by the US Senate — agreements signed on to by Pres. Clinton's Executive Order #12852.

    From the Preamble of Agenda 21: "Land. . . cannot be treated as an ordinary asset, controlled by individuals and subject to the pressures and inefficiencies of the market. PRIVATE LAND OWNERSHIP is also the principle instrument of accumulation and concentration of wealth, and, therefore, CONTRIBUTES TO SOCIAL INJUSTICE."

    AGENDA 21 in a CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER. Another stealth "jihad" by the Marxist Left to have us give up, without understanding what we're doing, our state sovereignty to international/global laws and governance.


  3. The signs of these Idiots progress here in America is that they have a lot of school districts where the kids have to wear matching uniforms and the smarter ones are slowed down to the pace of the ones who won't try.There was a story this morning about a girls christian basketball team that won 108 to 3,and no surprise the christian winners were admonished for beating them so bad and their coach apologized for not backing off.Sad days and more to come.

  4. These and related videos and articles MUST be shared with your local police and fire departments or you will be fighting each other in the streets while the 'intellectual' elites will be giving each other high fives while their plan to collapse your world is carried out.

  5. How is the "social Justice" working in Cuba…..not so good huhhh!

    It is the biggest farce bestowed upon the discontent only to use them to gain power. The aftermath is sickening with hunger, lack of freedom and helplessness. All the while you are being rule through the barrel of a gun, Try voting your way out of that !!!!!!!!

  6. I believe in myself. Therefore I believe whatever "life" I draw out of the pot will be as good or better than the one I've got simply because I believe I can make it that way.

    Tada! Social Justice in America achieved!

    Except Van Jones doesn't mean that. He doesn't mean equal right to try, but equal outcome. He is right to have called himself a communist. He may try to call himself a 'green capitalist' or some other nonsense but his words betray the truth. He stands for equal outcome, which is communism. Not the right to try.

  7. Socialism is founded upon the concept of "coveting your neighbor's goods", and always leads to "stealing your neighbor's goods". We are not supposed to do that.

    The only way wealth can be "redistributed" is to first abolish property rights.

    A nation of socialist thieves will self destruct. It is Natural Law.

  8. Social justice is a lie they tell people to get them to accept communism over freedom.

    Social justice = THE BIG LIE.

  9. That's utterly ridiculous.

    We may very well be born with the same level of ignorance, but we're not all born with the same will to change that.

    Fact is, some people don't want to sacrifice anything for greater position in life. Some do. Why should those who do have the same outcome as those that don't?

    And why do we allow this ridiculous idea that you can have something that you refuse to work for as "justice"?

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