Allen West on Multiculturalism

Congressman Allen West speaks to Greta Van Susteren on FOX News following his rousing CPAC address – here’s an excerpt from the video,

Allen West: “We gotta make the hard decisions”
FOX News Host: “It’s not gonna be popular”
Allen West: “Well you know something? When I was a commander in the army, there were some times you made decisions that weren’t popular, but they were based upon the fact you wanted to keep your men alive in combat.”


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3 thoughts on “Allen West on Multiculturalism

  1. This is the man we should have gotten as President in 2008….let's keep our eye on him. He also kind of reminds me of Reagan, with his sense of humor.

  2. Anonymous you said that extremely well. You are not alone with this setiment and at some point we the silent, we who are not out in the street seeking havoc will have to stand this ground against those who wish to destroy and CHANGE us. Hopefully we will have another chance at the ballot box to overthrow the abomination we have running the country right now.

  3. Consider the following metafor: The American "Ship of State", owned and operated by the "Posterity" of the Constitution, has been authorized by the 14th amendment to pick up "hitchhikers".

    Now there is so many "hitchhikers" on board that they have come to think that the "Ship" belongs to them and are mutinying and trying to kick the Ship's owners and paying passengers off.

    We now have a "hitchhiker" in the Captain's cabin who is threatening to "CHANGE" the direction and destination of the "Ship" to suit his own foreign purposes.

    West is correct, when these "hitchhikers" have been adopted and assimilated into OUR national family, they are expected to become AMERICANS too. It is not their prerogotive to avail themselves of our hospitality and then demand that our founding principles be abandoned and abolished in order to accomodate their alien customs and beliefs. They are guests in OUR house and should not be allowed to forget it.

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