JBS Was Right All Along

The John Birch Society has gotten heaps of flak from the US left over the years (and some from the right), but few could argue now that their predictions were wrong.

Here’s JBS founder Robert Welch at the organization’s 1974 conference in Los Angeles.

I find it hard to fault his philosophy or analysis. Can you?


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12 thoughts on “JBS Was Right All Along

  1. Has the Birch Society ever published an article (or prepared a video) about all the times when it has been gravely mistaken?

    It should be remembered that the JBS has the “distinction” of being the only self-described national “educational group” whose members are “an army fighting with facts” that, nevertheless, was successfully sued for defamation by Chicago lawyer Elmer Gertz. After 14 years of litigation, including two jury trials, multiple appeals, and review by the U.S. Supreme Court — the JBS paid Gertz $100,000 in compensatory damages and $300,000 in punitive damages for malice (i.e. reckless disregard for truth). Because the JBS appealed that decision, the accrued interest brought the final payment up to $500,000 which is roughly equivalent to $1.2 million in today’s dollars.

    In addition: J. Edgar Hoover and senior officials of the FBI concluded that the Birch Society was a “right-wing extremist” organization that did NOT deal in facts.

  2. The speech is really a great boost for young men at 60's. He has foreseen thoughts and all his 10 points are unquestionable even now.

  3. No wonder the International Left hated the JBS…the JBS wants to get the Government out of our lives and restore the sovereignty of the USA! Screw PC and the diversity crap!

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  5. I don't really trust the John Birch Society, mostly because I'm concern that they inserted disinformation regarding the OKC bombings proclaiming it was an "inside job" while not really caring about any possible foreign involvement, and no I'm not simply talking about a certain late Iraqi dictator's possible involvement.

    Preferably, I'm more concern with East German neo-Nazis and Filipino al-Qaeda/Moro rebel link.

  6. oops – should have checked your bio before asking what planet you live on MLZ, sorry: "I'm a kiwi living in the US; a member of the Workers Party of New Zealand and the Young Communist League, USA."

    yikes… That explains the "mild center-right" comment. How long will you be visiting the US?

  7. "under a mildly centre-right "Democratic" President and Congress"… BWAHAHAHA!!!! The question is MZL, what planet do YOU live on?

    Furthermore – the corporate far-right isn't the one controlling the show this time… the people are.

  8. wow, JBS is pretty far out there … even for you, which is really saying something. these are the people who would have had us believe that fluorided water was a Communist conspiracy and that the Eisenhower administration wanted to turn Alaska into a giant Communist/Jewish/Roman Catholic/UN concentration camp. sometimes, with the powerful, corporate far-right dictating the debate and controlling policies under a mildly centre-right "Democratic" President and Congress, what planet you must live on – because if power is actually held by my comrades then perhaps I should rethink what Marxism-Leninism is, because they sure have a strange way of expressing it

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