Rakaia Wants You!

ACT aims to become the third political party in New Zealand politics. The conservative National Party and the socialist Labour Party offer insufficient choice to NZ voters.

ACT’s message of low tax, small government and fiscal responsibility coupled with small “l” liberal social policies can an do, appeal to voters of both “right” and “left”.

To increase our parliamentary representation to the point we can move the larger parties in our direction, we must win substantially more party votes.

To make ourselves a permanent presence under the MMP electoral system, we must win more electorate seats.

Our next target is the South Island seat of Rakaia.

Rakaia extends from South Canterbury to the south western outskirts of Christchurch, from the Pacific coast to the Southern Alps. Centred on Ashburton, Rakaia emcompasses Methven, Darfield, Lincoln, Leeston, Rolleston, Tai Tapu, parts of Hornby and of course Rakaia township.

Rakaia is a rurally focussed electorate with growing urban concentrations particularly in the north. The electorate is made even more interesting by the Army base at Burnham and Lincoln University (where our leader, Rodney Hide used to lecture in economics and environmental sciences).

Rakaia has the highest voter turnout in NZ and invariably elects National Party candidates. ACT has always done very well in Rakaia in terms of party vote.

With the expulsion from National’s caucus of Rakaia MP, Brian Connell, this crucial electorate has no effective representation.

ACT aims to rectify that situation in 2008.

We are opening a small office in Rakaia and have held meetings with ACT’s Rakaia electorate committee (one of the strongest in the country). ACT’s two MPs, Heather Roy and Rodney Hide have been visiting the electorate recently, to an excellent reception.

We have a very strong volunteer team, some of whom were “blooded” in Rodney Hide’s successful campaign in Epsom, last year.

What we need is a candidate. We are looking for a committed believer in ACT’s core values who would like to represent the great electorate of Rakaia in Parliament.

The successful candidate must either live, or be prepared to re-locate to Rakaia and campaign right up to the 2008 election.

Right now we are looking for expressions of interest. Candidate selection will take place in the next few months.

If you think you would like to represent the people of Rakaia in Parliament and stand up for liberty and the principles ACT supporters hold dear-get in touch.

Please contact me at trevor.loudon@paradise.net.nz


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4 thoughts on “Rakaia Wants You!

  1. Brian Connell hasn’t been expelled. He’s been suspended. He is still perfectly capable of seeing constituents.

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