"NewsFlash" Progressives WON! – Hard Left Agenda on the Way

The far left Washington DC based Institute for Policy Studies is the “ideas factory” behind the communist/socialist aligned Congressional Progressive Caucus and the wider Obama Administration.

If you want to know what the Democrats will do tomorrow, read what I.P.S. is advocating today.

For example I.P.S. staffer Chuck Collins recommended that Obama appoint communist Van Jones as a “Green Jobs Czar”, even before the 2008 election.

Now I.P.S. staffer Karen Dolan makes a shocking but partially true claim regarding the 2010 mid term elections……Progressives WON!

Dolan explains that I.P.S.’s baby, the hard left, nearly 80 strong Congressional Progressive Caucus, remained largely intact in the aftermath of last Tuesday’s elections.

While so called “centrist” or moderate democrats lost hugely, the Progressives lost only three members Alan Grayson, John Hall and Phil “don’t worry about the Constitution” Hare.

To Dolan this means that Obama and the remaining Democrats now have nothing to lose by pushing hard to the left.

Dolan also openly advocates that Obama should “do the right thing through as many Executive Orders as we can present to him.”

In other words, Obama should simply use dictatorial powers to force I.P.S’s Marxist agenda down America’s throat.

From the Institute for Policy Studies website

Did we all miss the news flash? PROGRESSIVES WON! Two significant exceptions are of course the tragic defeat of Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI) and the sad loss of prinicpled Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL). But, the Congressional Progressive Caucus, the largest caucus in the House Democratic Caucus at over 80 members, emerged virtually unscathed, losing only three members.

By constrast, the conservative Blue Dog Democratic caucus was more than sliced in half from 54 members to only 26. Further, of the 34 conservative Dems who voted against Obama’s Healthcare Reform, a mere 12 won re-election.

Dead weight gone. Good Riddance. The blame for the stalemate to come can now fall squarely where it belongs…on the anti-progressive, anti-democratic, anti-populist Republican members of Congress.

Our work is now finally beginning. The veil of a happy Democratic governing majority is finally lifted. We didn’t have it then; We don’t have it now. But what we do have now is a more solidly progressive bunch of Dems in Congress and a president presumably less encumbered by the false illusion that playing nice will get him a date with the other team.

Let’s thank Grayson, as well as Reps. John Hall (D-NY) Phil Hare (D-IL) for their principled time in office. Let’s get Feingold on the ticket as Obama’s runningmate in 2012. Let’s throw our support unabashedly behind the Congressional Progressive Caucus and let’s push Obama to finally do the right thing through as many Executive Orders as we can present to him.

People…Progressives WON!!! Republicans are all over the map. They’re a mess and won’t be able to wreak the havoc they seek. We should be energized. We must be energized. Too much is at stake. The road ahead isn’t so bad as long as we have the big picture and the fighting spirit spurring us on. Progressives will be the heroes in 2012. Let’s make Obama one too.

Russ Feingold, may or not be on the 2012 ticket with Barack Obama, but I will bet you dollars to do-nuts that I.P.S. and their socialist and communist allies will be working overtime to make all of Karen Dolan’s predictions come to pass.


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3 thoughts on “"NewsFlash" Progressives WON! – Hard Left Agenda on the Way

  1. Poor little rich girl Barbara Ehrenreich (surprised she wasn't a weatherman) is a trustee of IPS – her dtr Rosa Brooks was a Soros graduate, she wrote for the LA Times, and got a job with Obama for her propaganda – she's currently an advisor for Michelle Fournier at the State Dept. We;ve also got Obamas old room-mate on the board of the State Dept Business section. IOW, it's full of commies who hate this country –

    Thanks for all you do Trevor,


  2. Their rhetoric makes me sick. Trevor, you must have an encyclopaedia in your mind, and I don't know how you do it day after day. Your contributions are priceless.

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