Do Islamic Militants Pose a Threat to New Zealand?

Former Kiwi Islamic militant Charles Wardle was sent to recieve explosives training in the United Arab Emirates.

He was then to return to New Zealand to await further instructions…


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4 thoughts on “Do Islamic Militants Pose a Threat to New Zealand?

  1. It is a real shame that more intellectuals do not understand the cultural connections between Islamic thought and Maori radical thinking.Allah to Moslems is moon God, the cultures and belief systems are very very similar in their world view.
    Terrorism in the Moslem world is largely down to the fact that tribalism and socialism have combined to produce antipathy and hatred toward the Christian west, not surprising really.
    Hitler`s Nazis were fawning admirers of Islam for its ability to produce such zeal in its soldiers, maybe this is why some have called terrorism Islamo-nazis.Islam is a soldiers religion.
    Reprimitivization of Maori and non-Maori in New Zealand will have the same outcome as adopting radical Islam to govern us all.It is happening right now in NZ under everyones nose but most if not all carefully avert their gaze and pretend it is not happening.
    Imagine if early Europeans had the same attitude as the halfwits we allow to govern us today have , civilization would never have happened, ever.
    I suppose one of the benefits of rewriting entire histories is the fact future generations will never begin to understand what they have lost and had replaced with a much inferior product.Sad.

  2. I would be more concerned about the fact that a large section of your country is about to fall into the hands of marxists. I am of course referring to the tuhoi settlement deal which is about to hand over sovereignty to marxists like tama iti.

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