China or Taiwan, Which Will Obama Choose?

Let’s see if president Barack Obama maintains US support for Taiwanese independence.

From China Confidential

As U.S. President Barack Obama prepared to take office, the Chinese Ministry of Defense called on him to improve military relations. China also released a 2008 military budget that indicates an 18 percent increase in spending.

Defense ministry spokesman Hu Changming urged Obama to “remove obstacles to exchanges” between the two countries, including a halt of weapons sales to Taiwan.

Hu spoke to reporters, Tuesday, during the release of a military policy paper “China’s National Defense in 2008.”

Hu sad China hopes to build a stronger military relationship with the United States. He cited forces for independence in Taiwan, Tibet and Xinjiang as top security concerns for China, as well as the global economic crisis.

The paper did not announce new spending figures for China’s 2.3 million-person armed forces. The $59 billion military budget from 2008 represented an 18 percent increase from 2007.

China’s foreign ministry spokeswoman, Jiang Yu, reiterated that China opposes American sale of weapons to Taiwan. She told reporters Tuesday afternoon that China feels the United States must abide by three joint communiqués–particularly the principles of the communique to stop sale of weapons to Taiwan.

Defense sales to Taiwan have been a source of contention between the United States and China since the countries established relations, 30 years ago. Just last October, China suspended senior-level visits and exchanges after the United States refused to cancel a $6.5 billion arms sale to Taiwan, including Patriot missiles and helicopters.


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3 thoughts on “China or Taiwan, Which Will Obama Choose?

  1. Trev,

    In spite of Obama’s socialistic policies, you may also want to add that he’s attacking the Red Chinese for manipulating their currency.

    I’m a bit skeptical here, if Obama’s going to follow Jimmy Carter’s call in continuing relations with the Red Chinese.

  2. Aye MAH-similar problems here and Australia.

    When treason becomes the norm, national survival is at great peril.

  3. You might want to go back on some reports a few days before Obama officially came into office. His friend Jimmy Carter called upon him to support closer ties with Communist China.

    Ironically, this is the same policy Obama’s predecessor pushed, as Bush Family members have also been doing business with the Red Chinese. Likewise with the Clintons as well.

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