Communists to Organize the Unemployed

Party for Socialism and Liberation leader Brian Becker on organizing the unemployed -“a top priority for our movement” – at the P.S.L. National Conference in Los Angeles last weekend.

There is also an interesting segment on the youth of communist leaders.

Back in 1994, when he was with the pro North Korean Workers World Party, Becker was a signatory to an International Peace for Cuba Appeal letter alongside Quentin Young, the personal physician, friend and mentor of an ambitious young lawyer named Barack Obama.


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5 thoughts on “Communists to Organize the Unemployed

  1. Unless "Bread and Circus's",has taken an irreversable grip,as it may have,the Giant may yet awake completely,and we yet may remember our rocky start as a nation and rise up fiercely against these enemies within our midst.The Phillistines must be destroyed completely from the land,or they'll destroy us.They don't build anything worthwhile after they destroy.Sorry but it's reality.Thanks for the book recomendations Nancy and thanks for the overwhelming information that Trevor Loudon has seen fit to supply us with.He is the boot to Glen Beck's pants on these issues.
    Thanks to all concerned,our children and their children are at stake here.

  2. Anonymous,
    It has deeply transformed my life. Nothing looks the same anymore. I try not to get depressed, and remember to have faith.

  3. Nancy, thanks I plan on reading what you recommended. This Administration has changed my life, my personality and my everyday way of life. I fear for my country and Dear leader needs to be shown out of the country, sadly though their are too many commies in every aspect of government. All I can do is pray now. Thanks for the list of books.

  4. Actually, they do know. Read some good books and you can figure out the back story to what is going on today. I strongly recommend the following books:

    "Radical In Chief" by Stanlely Kurtz. It analyzes, with detailed proof, the real background and connections of Barack Obama.

    "Shadow Party" by David Horowitz and Richard Poe. How the Democratic Party was hijacked by the far, far left.

    "The Roots of Obama's Rage" by Dinesh D'Souza. An immigrants investigation and assessment of Obama's father's Anti-colonial and radical influence on Obama and his dreams.

    "Destructive Generation: Second Thoughts About the Sixties" by Peter Collier and David Horowitz. A former radical explains the real goals of the far left of the 60's and you will recognize many of the characters from Obama's circle today.

    "Witness" by Whittaker Chambers. This one I have only begun to read. But it is already chilling me down to my bones.

    "Thirty Years of Treason- Excerpts from Hearings Before the House Committee on Un-American Activities 1938-1968" by Eric Bentley and Frank Rich.

    Some of these were recommended to me in comments on this very web site. I don't know who recommended them to me, but I thank them. Because it was only when I started reading these books that I got the big, and ugly, picture of what is happening to the USA today. It's worse than you think.

    Glenn Beck is exposing the truth.

  5. These low IQ'd morons aren't smart enough to realize that it's their own policies and philosophies that create this much unemployment.One things for sure if they win we'll all be equally poor and miserable.They don't create they destroy.Big trouble ahead.God help us help ourselves.They're like cockroaches,they're everywhere.They're too dumb to know that they're too dumb,ya know.

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