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  1. @3:55 the script of the video states: ". . .In the inner cities, more black men go to jail than to college – where two out of three children grow up without fathers."

    This video must be dated, as the number of unwed black mothers has increased to 3 of 4. AP: Blacks struggle with 72 percent unwed mothers rate report dated 11/6/2010

    @5:30 the video states: ". . .in some jails, one in three black inmates is converted to Islam."
    Ironic that the video depicts the prisoners seated, clapping and singing to a rhythmic melody one would hear in church or a revival meeting — certainly not in a mosque.
    Obviously lacking the intelligence to stay out of jail, it should come as no surprise that this population would be gullibly susceptible to this demented jailhouse dawa. Is it any surprise this call to believe is appealing to inmates seeking structure which only somewhat tames it's brutal soul. What's not appealing to an individual incarcerated for domestic violence? This mysogynistic faith permits the male believer his brutal behaviors within the context of the faith.

    Blacks Calling Themselves Muslims Should Be Ashamed

    Qur'an, Hadith and Scholars:Muhammad the Racist

    The word "Islam" translates to 'submission' and through this deens mandated language and domination prove to be an Arab supremacy doctrine. Arab muslims openly practice racism against blacks, regarding them as inferior raisinheads and pug-nosed slaves. Arab muslims continue to practice the slave trade to this day! The muslim slave trade is a practice far more brutal than its Western counterpart. Watch the banned two part video (while available online) G-had on Horseback
    Having nearly completed the genocide of Christians in Sudan, the janjaweed now focus their ethnic cleansing techniques on the black African Muslim tribes until the Arab Muslim tribes yield control of the valuable oil assets in their territory. It's sick watching that film as each black muslima adjusts her veil to compose what little modesty she can conjure while graphically describing how her uncle abd-something, or husband abd-something, or her own father, also named abd-something-or-other was brutally slaughtered for lacking Arab dna. Then she goes on to tell how her young children witnessed her gang rape . . .ending her tale with may allah give her strength inshallah insanity. It's the Islam that caused these muslimas horrific nightmare and yet she and most like her continue to cling to this racist mysogynistic death cult. Insanity.

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