Did China Win the War on Terror?

John Feffer

John Feffer of the far left Institute for Policy Studies, believes that China is the main winner in the “War on Terror”

But perhaps the only country in the world that has benefited from the last decade of war against al-Qaeda is China, and it has benefitted big time. Beijing has watched the United States spend more than $3 trillion on the war on terrorism, devote its military resources to the Middle East, and neglect pretty much every other part of the globe (except where al-Qaeda and its friends hang out). The United States is now mired in debt, stuck in a recession, and paralyzed by partisan politics.

Over that same period, meanwhile, China has quickly become the second largest economy in the world. In 2001, Goldman Sachs predicted that the Chinese economy would rival that of Germany by 2011. Boy, was that a lowball estimate. Last month, the International Monetary Fund looked again into the crystal ball and announced that the Chinese economy would become the world’s largest in 2016.

China’s overtaking of the United States “will effectively end the ‘Age of America’ a decade before most analysts had expected,” writes David Gardner in the British Daily Mail. “It means that whoever wins the 2012 presidential election will have the dubious honor of presiding over the fall of the United States.”

Hard to fault Feffer’s logic unfortunately.

Couldn’t possibly have been planned that way, could it?


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13 thoughts on “Did China Win the War on Terror?

  1. Lets imagine a parallel universe where the USA spent $1 trillion on NASA after 2000

    Democracy, survival & greatness would be the norm.

    Instead we have garbage.

  2. I believe through the word of GOD people need to read KJV Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39 about what happens to those who come against America.Our FATHER in Heaven is in control.

  3. It seems that Mr. Feffer would like to see nothing but what his last sentence is saying. However, at this point, his dream has not happened yet. If Obama is re-elected he may have a point. Obama is, in my opinion, nothing but one and the same as Mr. Feffer. He is far left and the destruction of the U.S. is paramount. The strategy of Cloward and Piven to “overwhelm the system” is indeed being played out before our very eyes by Obama. Wake Up America !!!

  4. Has anyone considered the possibility that China has taken the long term approach to the matter of terrorism by sponsoring directly or indirectly their organizations to further their own agenda? Just as the former USSR once did so can other countries…something we all need to think more carefully upon.

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