SPA Sympathiser Syd, Salutes Socialist Supremo

Syd Keepa is Apiha Maori (Maori officer) for the Northern Distribution Union. The NDU is dominated by members and sympathisers of the Socialist Party of Aotearoa, NZ’s “mainstream” communist party. SPA was led for 15 years by the late Bill Andersen, long time president of the NDU.

Syd sent me this email today.

Kia ora Trev

Just looking up your website I noticed that you and my partner Sue Murray were debating about me being a spa sympathizer.

Well you would be pleased to know that I am .I consider the late Bill Andersen the greatest union leader this country has produced

He stood up for his principals to the day he died. If there were more people like him this world will be a better place if you went through

The crap he went through hoisted on him by people of your persuasion you would be a crumbling wreck so my advice to you trev is don’t

Look for reds under the bed because there is none they are all out in the open fighting for social justice indigenous peoples

Rights and trying to save the world from Bush Howard and Blair the leaders that you and your mates admire.So why don’t you do me a

Favor start organizing now for the annihilation of your political party at the next elections

Ma Te Wa

Syd Keepa Spa sympathizer


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6 thoughts on “SPA Sympathiser Syd, Salutes Socialist Supremo

  1. Dear Mr Lewd-On,

    How come you got time to fiddle around on the net ? How come one of such singular rationality isn’t gabbling away in tongues at Bishop Brian’s regular Sunday Mug-Fest ?

    Well, I suspect Syd and “sam” – who the hell is “sam” please ? – keep emailing you, if indeed they do, because they’re entranced by your strange ravings about anyone who’s not a Fibertarian.

    You put out some pretty wacko stuff mate and most people like a bit of wacko, you know, recreationally only.

    Maybe they email you to say thanks for cementing your place and that of ACT on the lunatic fringe of NZ politics. I’m very, very comfortable with that I have to say, as are 98% of Kiwis ! So all power to Syd and “sam” and you !

    Finally, what’s this bizo about lawyers ? You don’t know what William Shakespeare said about lawyers ? You can really hurt a man, you beast ! Seriously !

    I am yours….Ka Kite !!!

    PS – I’ve seen MUCH better pics of Syd in Pravda. You not a reader mate ? Oh, I lap it up ! A Russki freighter drops it off in the dead of night, just off Hokianga Heads. Promise you won’t tell that born-again scuttlebutt Ian Wishart. There’d be a helluva to-do. Governments would fall!

  2. Dear Trev et al,

    Can I believe it ? Yuz’re STILL piss-arsing on about those fine Aotearoans Keepa and Murray !

    What’s that you say, Keepa spake something about the Antichrist, The Old Fella, Bill Andersen ? And that WMD, that Woman of Mass Destruction Murray, well she’s obviously in on it too !

    Lordy, Lordy, Lordy ! The sky it hath bloody well fallen in ! The Old Fella speaketh from the grave ! Lock Up Your Democracies !

    No, better advice for you Fibrillating Fibertarians -Just Grow Up ! You might then be able to pick a glorious, right in your face piss-take. But maybe yuz’re too unseeing, too callow, too self-obssessed, too hoha for that ?

    ONYA !!!

  3. Looks like you also hit a raw nerve with someone and they just couldn’t take the challenge. Typical they would do this sort of thing.

  4. There’s socialists everywhere. Yuck.

    And it’s always quite interesting for people to refer us anti-Communists as “people who look for reds under the bed”. Well, what about all of those wacky anti-CIA conspiracy theories? You know? Like the ones about 9/11 endorsed by white/black nationalist movements? Like the Kennedy assassinations that only give sympathy to the Latin American revolutionaires these people so holdly dear? Or perhaps the recent death of a KGB-FSB defector which the pro-Kremlin Russian press have towed the conspiracy line in blaming the CIA along with some former Putin supporter who is now a target for a Stalinist hit list in Belarus?

    Just who is looking for who under whose bed?

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