Thank You Again, Glenn Beck!

Glenn Beck gave New Zeal another major plug on his radio show today resulting in a huge traffic spike of well 50,000 hits in a few hours.

I’ve also had a surge of emails, twitter follows, Facebook friend requests and many very kind and generous donations.

Thank you for every one of them. I will answer and acknowledge all over the next few days as I can get to them.

Also thank you Glenn Beck. If you hadn’t made the stand you have, where would we be now.

I urge all new readers to take a look at the Obama Files to the right of this page. 105 files looking at Barack Obama‘s radical friends, associates and appointees.

Just posted on Elena Kagan. more to come on her in the next day or two.

I also urge readers to check out our sister site KeyWiki

More than 43,000 pages focusing on the US left, from Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi through to Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dorhn, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Van Jones, Jim Wallis and Michelle Obama.

Check out

Barack Obama and the Communist Party

Barack Obama and the Committees of Correspondence
Barack Obama and the New Party/Progressive Chicago

We also have pages on many leftist Congressmen and women, including Barbara Lee, Jan Schakowsky, John Conyers, Bob Filner, Charles Rangel, Mary Jo Kilroy, Jim McDermott, Luis Gutierrez, Bobby Rush, Danny Davis and many others.

Check them out.

Lots more to come.


KeyWiki server has been crashing intermittently due to overload. We are upgrading the server right now. Apologies for the inconvenience.

UPDATE 2 We have tripled server capacity and still KeyWiki is crashing. We are now looking to add another Central Processing Unit. Will be back on line ASAP. Apologies for the inconvenience.


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10 thoughts on “Thank You Again, Glenn Beck!

  1. Glenn Beck Rules!
    He is probably the most out spoken TV host that we have right now and one of only a handful of people in the media that will say anything critical of our government. It is truely sad that the "press" in our country is willing to give up their Constitutional rights. Thank God for Glenn Beck and this blog!

  2. Keep Glenn in your prayers. He is having serious problems with his eyes, as he phrased it "a step above macular degeneration." There is no treatment and no telling how far it will progress.

  3. Thanks Trevor!

    May your articles go VIRAL!

    If the worst happens and the USA falls to Communism, I'm coming to New Zealand with Rush Limbaugh for The Last Stand.


  4. Glenn Beck is the George Washington of the Second American Revolution who I listen to daily.

    He said yesterday that he wants his listeners to read New Zeal
    daily. I have done so and I'm most impressed.

    I would like – with your permission – to post a few of your outstanding articles on my blog with a link back to you.

    Cheers, Ronbo

  5. I got here from a blog called Pedaling Fast and Trying to Keep Up…but had heard of you on the Glenn Beck show…keep up the good work…we need all the help we can get!!!

  6. Glenn Beck is helping to restore our nation back to good health. He is revealing the Commies and spreading the truth. We must continue to fight against the disease called liberalism.

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