The Mall: "Post-Barackalyptic Wasteland"

Update: The video at the bottom of this post was not taken following the 10/2 rally. It was taken following Barack Obama’s inauguration. Apologies for this mistake.

Scott Baker at The Blaze points out the difference between the mall following the 8/28 Restoring Honor rally, and the aftermath following the One Nation rally.

Here’s the mall following 8/28:

Here’s the mall following the 10/2 rally:

And it looks as if some “One Nation” attendees at least attempted to find the trash can:

The following video is even more of an eye-opener:


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11 thoughts on “The Mall: "Post-Barackalyptic Wasteland"

  1. Perhaps Eric was easily confused since Canterbury is indeed part of the UK since, oh about year 500-600 or so (as per:

    Canterbury NZ? formed: BY BRITISH COLONIALISTS…

    So, guess what Paul, you're 100+ year old "ancient" NZ town lineage is LIMEY… Sorry if noone else in the world knows about you down here in NZ.

    News flash: you're living in a wee wittle city on a wee small island.

    At least Trevor "gets it" and has the courage and smarts to fight for freedom in the Western world.

    … even from old wee wittle NZ

  2. Eric, in one foul-swoop you just went and proved everything I said about stupid, myopic Tea Party followers and for good measure you also managed to insult by association, the guy who runs this blog.

    Firstly New Zealand is not part of Great Britain (not that I expect you to have learnt geography at One Less Gene High, Alabama)

    Limeys are an insulting term for Englishmen.

    I happen to reside in the same city as the blogs author.

    Trevor, as I keep telling you mate, the people this blog is directed at don’t have any idea about New Zealand what-so-ever. They think N.Z is a part of England they are so ignorant. Remember those acerbic words (care of Eric’s horses mouth) “we don't care what you or the world thinks!”

    See ya.


  3. You mean you didn't see any union "placards" as you call them? Besides, we don't care what you or the world thinks! You Limeys and the rest of the world use to dance to the beat of an American drum and we want it back that way! You can't even mind your own country, we sure as hell don't want you minding ours! Opinions are like bums, everyone has one….ol' chap!

  4. So what there weren’t enough rubbish-bins supplied, at least the One Nation rally attendees could spell (as best North Americans can given their innate tendency to bastardise the English language)

    We didn’t see any of those numb-skull placards we invariably see at Tea Party rallies.


    ‘Protect our boarder’
    ‘Respect are country speak English’
    ‘Obama Lier in chief’
    ‘Preserve the sactity of marriage’

    I actually miss the Tea Party Rallies and the good ol’ boys and gals making fools of themselves around the globe – please can we have another one?

    The world needs more humour and any group of 10 or more Tea Party members is sure to provide that.

    See ya troops.


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  6. Where oh where is carol browner, all of the environmental groups, woodsie owl, hollywood, algore, crying American Indians, the state-run media? These paid for bolsheviks trash our national mall, thanks Trevor for letting whatever's left of the free world see how truly repugnant and worthless these people and their leadership(all the way to the top @ the w.h.) are. Obama's slavish, mind-numbed supporters just got through trashing the national mall in Jan. '07, when they cost U.S. taxpayers over 30 million dollars in litter removal and repairs following his "inauguration". How many times is going to be the charm before many in U.S. finally wake up.

  7. I hope everone noticed that they disposed of our flag as just so much more garbage.

    Never forget, it is the democrats who burn the flag, spit and throw dog shit on our returning war veterens and call them war criminals and baby killers even though it is them who operate and defend abortion clinics.

    How much more will the real Americans take from them?

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