Socialists Dominate "One Nation" Rally

Today”s One Nation rally in Washington DC was supposed to be show of union and “community” support for the president and the Democratic Party.

Instead it showed that the Democrats base has been so eroded, that that open socialists and communists seem to be the backbone of Barack Obama’s support base.

Now America can see in plain sight what was once hidden behind a more “moderate” facade.

They were always there, they were just better camouflaged.


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14 thoughts on “Socialists Dominate "One Nation" Rally

  1. I pray that this will wake more people up to the truth of what's happening here. And I pray it's not too late.

    I've heard/read people saying they were 'shocked' at what they saw Saturday. I hope they were and I hope they do something about it…..not only vote, but get involved in the voting process: get people registered, volunteer to be a poll watcher, etc.

    This is the most critical election in our lifetimes. We may not have another chance to save our Republic.

  2. Vistors to DC from Mexico Agree: "They Should Not Leave This Mess! This Does Not Reflect Well"

    The people all had free bus tickets proved by the unions and still couldn't get a crowd even near the size of those who came on their own a month before. The two events were the difference between day and night! Look how they left our nation's mall! We left it spotless both times, but then again we want to offer a hand to get the nation back on track, not stick out our hand for a handout.

  3. Trevor,

    Thank you for posting what the "lame stream" media will NOT disclose. Just how radical the people are who are taking over the Democratic party.

  4. The US is 80% conservative, and misguided folks are like the squeaky wheel that gets the grease. However the American majority has decide to make their own noise and it is loud, clear, consise and determind. The US Constitution is our road map and the light at the end of the tunnel is starting to peek through the fog of slumber. We The People will prevail, and remain ever vigilant. God Save the Republic.

  5. It's all about power and control… I knew one of these little weasels when I was younger and asked him what and why he believed in communisim… and he admitted that he would be in the upper echelons of the organizations when communism came to America… and he looked and acted like a loser and weasel.. a nobody who had no confidence in himself or this great country.

  6. We knew who these people were, we just couldn't convince the vast majority of the electorate. That is mostly because the media always said "nah, that's just republican propaganda, these are the moderates." Will anyone believe it now? The socialists will either ramp up their open participation or they will shrink back into the shadows, this election will determine which.

  7. oh my 🙁
    Do these people even understand what they are saying? How absolutely horrible! Why would anyone want to be under the control of socialism? It's very sad…these people don't get it at all. 🙁

    Thank you for this, Trevor. I follow you on Facebook as well and share many of your videos on my page.

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