8 thoughts on “Thomas Sowell on the Destruction of America

  1. I've been reading Thomas Sowell for quite awhile now, and I so totally agree with all the comments about his wisdom.

    I wish someone would do a film documentary about how the left demonizes the many great black Americans who do not agree with the left's version of life as reality.

    I've only heard the terms 'Uncle Tom' and 'Oreo cookie' from people who are on the left, Democrats, or so called liberals. It's a real disgrace.

    I'd love to see the left blown out of the water with the truth.

    The campaign of Alan West is an opportunity for someone to shine a light on this syndrome of how the Democrats think they own people of color.

  2. Great video. Thanks Trevor. He's a great thinker. He's suffered greatly for his conservative stance not unlike Justice Thomas.

    Jim, Alan West is terrific, unfortunately he's in a dem area but who knows he just might take it. If he manages to win I can see him as a potential candidate for president at a future date.

  3. Dr. Sowell is wonderful! God love him for speaking out against what we all somehow slept through to get to this terrible point in our history. May God watch over our elections.

  4. Dr. Sowell we thank you for all your work and for exposing the truth. You have been maligned for much of your life. How the left detests conservative blacks–especially if they are intelligent and have the facts.
    Thank you for standing tall and continuing to speak out.

    Mary–an angry white racist homophobe


  5. Dr Sowell is one of the most brilliant social-political thinkers of our time. Sadly more people don’t know him.

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