9 thoughts on “"You Mecca Me Hot!", "Jihot", "Jihunk", "Grind Zero’s"

  1. Ann Coulter, huh? I KNEW I was in the right place!
    I say we burn down ALL dem damm mosques!
    Don't let Obama stop us! He's just a muslim that was born in Africa anyhow!
    Hey the Nazis did it in 1938, so we should be allowed to do the same!
    Golly I didn't know I had so many friends in New Zealand!
    Here's wher I live: http://www.mytrailerpark.com Golly I betcha you have a lot of places like this in New ZEALand!

  2. there is allready two strip clubs either next door or down street to proposed mosque, remember this is new york city, pussycat dolls is 3 blocks from ground zero, and 1 block from proposed mosque.

  3. Ann Coulter has a continuing list of names for the bar on her website. (Look in the right hand side of the screen.)

    I think the pork barbecue is a great idea, especially if New Yorkers could actually bring the pigs in and slaughter them onsite.

    And how come WE have to consider Muslim "sensibilities" while certain Muslims (the Imam Rauf, for example — unlike other Muslims who are speaking out against this site for a mosque) don't seem to care about OUR sensibilities?

    So much for being tolerant.

  4. Hey I have asked this many times in different forums…and I have yet to get an answer: Since we all know that Muslim men when they die -72 virgins….What do Muslim women get?

  5. This is hilarious! I wonder. Do these Muslims who back the mosque even have a sense of humor?

    Who cares. Gutfeld's idea is brilliant! He has found a way to expose the hypocrisy of this terrorist supporting imam and his ilk.

    The Islamists love to preach to Americans about "tolerance." Where is their tolerance?

  6. I think we should have a pork processing plant nextdoor.



  7. I can go with the the bar on one side, but I think there should be a North Carolina barbeque joint on the other side of the mosque, and maybe a strip club in back of the mosque.

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