"Obama’s Counterfeit Catholics"

More excellent research from the Catholic Investigative Agency.

Must view, regardless of your personal beliefs or religious affiliation. The problems outlined here are common to most mainstream U.S. churches and “community organizations”.

How George Soros and the left have co-opted pseudo Catholics groups in the U.S.


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6 thoughts on “"Obama’s Counterfeit Catholics"

  1. Saul Alinsky in Rules For Radicals admitted that he had trained Catholic priests and Protestant preachers. I'm not surprised there are radicalized, apostate elements in religion today. What better way to lead Christians astray than through the pulpit.

  2. Excellent job. Michael will have a lot of support from those of us who are actually Catholic. I'll be writing to my bishop tonight.

    May all of us who love freedom (atheists or whomever included) join together to fight this scourge that's been infilatrating our lives for years.

    Thank you Trevor.

  3. This is absolutely the truth because I have researched it. Thank GOD this young man , a true Catholic, has spoken the TRUTH about Catholic church.

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