George Bush Greets Returning Troops

While I had my issues with George Bush 2, there is no doubt he loves and is loved by his troops.

This is simple, but very moving.

Thanks to Micheal


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12 thoughts on “George Bush Greets Returning Troops

  1. Such classy people, unlike what's in the White House today. He may have had his faults, but I always went to sleep knowing I would be safe under his watch. A true patriot. God Bless President Bush and his wife Laura.

  2. For all President Bush’s missteps, his deep and abiding love and respect for the United States were never in doubt. In stark contrast, the hostility we are currently experiencing is horrifying.

  3. Wth? I watched this and ended up with tears in my eyes? I don't care, he had me at "if your not with us than you must be against us" and I know he is with them solders. In tough times, he said what I felt and I liked that. This pres.. not so much (I mean at all) 🙁

  4. He is an honest, good man who was treated disgracefully by the horrid excuse we have for a media.He was not a perfect human being but he is light years more perfect than Obama. And Trevor, they are our (the U.S.'s) troops not the former President's.

  5. It's a nice breath of fresh American air to see this amongst the rot of so many other politicians today.

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