2 thoughts on “Obama Bumper Sticker Removal Kit

  1. You really have no idea what you're talking about. The video was satire, its not reality. Why you wearing a mask? Scared? People tend to be only as suspicious of others at what they themselves are capable of. Plus you're only making personal attacks so as to discredit, you aren't talking any sense or reason, no proof, no evidence. An easy indicator is that you throw out a nazi association to the republican party. Also, getting stuff done in your view (the democratic way) is taking away American's rights, more regulation, more taxation and control over the ppl. How would conservatives be trying to be in power when they themselves proclaim they want and work towards SMALLER government? Less control, less regulation, less taxes, less penalty for accomplishment and wealth, more personal freedom, more individual enterprise. Its said Democrats and liberals fight for the "little guy", the underdog. No one gives more to charity than Christians and conservatives. Democrats give money to each other, and they love to give other ppl's money freely, but not their own. Check any leading republican against Obama, the Clintons, the Kennedy's, Michael Moore, and any high liberal gives each year in charity. Republicans give their own money to the poor more than dems and don't ask for handouts themselves.

    You are the bigot, YOU are the racist, you are the idiot. Using slander like Jesus hates republicans, and calling them Fags and many other slurs. You are what you claim republicans to be. You are a hypocrite!

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