"What Took You So Long?"

Very good ad from the Republican National Committee highlighting President Obama’s apparent lack of leadership over the Gulf oil spill crisis.


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9 thoughts on “"What Took You So Long?"

  1. For all Bush's (many) faults, the one thing so many of us increasingly miss is the fact he was a TERRIBLE public speaker. Truely awful.

    But now we see that was exactly what we wanted. He was a man of action (yes, many of those actions were atronomically moronic, but at least he did SOMETHING, and on a fairly even spread made some correct choices). When Obama is faced with a problem, his first reaction is "how can I benefit from this". He waits, he postulates, he spews nice sounding, but ultimately meaningless rhetoric to buy time, but DOES NOTHING. He is afraid to act – he fears his actions reflecting negatively on himself. Indeed, deep down he is even afraid to speak, let alone act – he never speaks unprepared/unscripted. Bush's central flaw was that he talked on-the-hoof, often making laughable mistakes, but sometimes producing pure gold, and always making his opinion known on matters quickly. Obama must always waste time preparing every little detail, planning how best to shrug off every possible question. He has no instinctive conviction or idealism, it is deeply calculated. This is fine at times, but so many issues faced by the President of the most power nation on earth require instantaneous conviction.

    The oil spill, and immigration are both major issues – but try picturing Obama in the face of a true international cataclysm, such as war on an international scale, even nucleur warfare. He would ramble, marvelling at the sound of his own voice, while the world burns…

  2. Actually, Bush interrupted the LA then-Governor at a DINNER PARTY to ask if she needed HELP from the Federal Govt. RIGHT AWAY.

    She said "NO."

    SHE SAID, "NO."

    Did the Mayor of New Orleans use those buses?
    NO. NO. AND NO.


    "It's all Bush's Fault" has GOT to come to an end.

    Not that Bush was perfect, but, dear Lord, he wasn't an Islamic Communist.

  3. No, BHO-bumbles is not the same as President Bush… not by any stretch of the imagination. The liberal media did not like him, he was not a fiscal conservative and had his flaws; but he was not actively trying to destroy America.

    The Katrina-was-Bush-fault or more aptly Everything-BHO-does-is-Bush-fault meme is dead, anonymous. The more comparison to Katrina or 9/11, the more Bush looks awesomely OUTSTANDING in his leadership.

    Hello, have you not seen Gov. Jindal begging for Fed. assistance?

    Many of the current USA problems can be traced to DEMOCRAT policies starting with F.Mae/F.Mac housing crisis.

    Anonymous: keep doing your research.

    Yes there are RINOs which need purging, but the Democrats have been infiltrated by communists… or have you not read any of Trevor's detailed articles on this?

  4. Obama is the same as Bush – only there to grow government and gain control Capitalism is not the problem, corruption is the problem and government laws interfering with business is the probem.

    Obama is on a mission to destroy us.

  5. Sure, Obama's done next to nothing. But this is the most hypocritical video I've ever seen?

    The Republicans think they can complain about Obama's handling of the oil spill after the way they handled Katrina? Give me a break.

    There's no profit to be found directly in cleaning up the oil spill. Is it any wonder capitalism has done a terrible job of dealing with the problem?

  6. This man has so many flaws in his makeup he is incapable of governing. He is immature; he has extreme narcissism (Self-love; excessive interest in his own appearance, comfort, importance,and abilities);cannot make a decision (have you noticed that?) for fear he will have to take responsiblity. His very emotional stability will be at stake if he ever has to answer for anything. I think we have elected a nut.

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