Condell Slams Ground Zero Mosque Plan

Pat Condell, on the Ground Zero Mosque.

As usual, Brit Pat Condell pulls zero punches.

Thanks to Nick.


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10 thoughts on “Condell Slams Ground Zero Mosque Plan

  1. We need to start taking a stand against islam before its too late. France, Denmark, Sweden Europe in general is already lost. If we struck back against islam hard enough the racist murdering bastards would never dare show their faces in western society again. I’m not saying i hate muslims i have muslim friends but the only difference is, is that they are from Malaysia which is a beautiful well run country. arabs on the other hand seem to just murder, steal, cheat and accuse at every opportunity they get. The only bastards that have been brave and courageous and are standing up against them is the Israeli’s. But yet every time a barbaric palastinian islamic terrorist fires a rocket over aimed at civilians and the Israeli’s respond by destroying the launch area, our governments which are suppose to represent the people of our country attack and accuse Israeli of being murder’s and try and get the pro islamic “United nations” on their arse’s. When in all reality they are defending their very existence ! How many of you would just stand there and take relentless attacks and not do anything ? None of you. Fuck the western socialist fucking politics of the west they represent nothing of what the people believe they just do what they want because their to busy downing fucking shrooms and living in a dream world. They need to get out of their offices and lecture rooms and go out on to the street see the violence and hatred for themselves and experience the loss which so many other undeserving people have received ! I Feel true sadness when i think about 9-11, London, Bali, Mumbai, Philippines and countless other cowardly attacks. Because they were innocent people going about their day, going to work, earning a living to support their family and country. I have lived in the Philippines where there have been countless attacks by the muslims against the majority catholic country and it opened my eyes to how fucked up this world is.

  2. I love this guy. Only a Brit would be able to show Americans how to have backbone.
    He knows.
    Been there, seen that.
    Wake Up America – Earl Pitts – Pitts Off

  3. Shame on we American's that we need a New Zealander to tell us the truth about what's happening under our own noses.

  4. To truly understand what happened on 9/11 and the War on Terror go to and order The Cooper Report.

  5. It is mind boggling that the Mayor and other politicians of NYC support this.

    No longer is it… My country tis of thee, sweet land of liberty.

  6. BO is a Muslim so those living in America will get very bold knowing he will not do anything against them; as evidenced by his reaction to the Fort Hood shooter and his treatment of Israel. We probably have enough on BO to impeach him as well as Nancy Pelosi, Waiting until the 2010 elections could be more difficult to correct all the harm he is doing to America.

  7. When are we going to STOP the BS political correctness and call a spade a spade? These Islamic pricks are rubbing this mosque in our noses and the SOCIALIST COMMUNIST PUKES IN AMERICA is loving every minute of it. I say the only thing that these Son of dogs understand is violence and believe me there are many 1000s of Americans willing to show these arrogant SOB WHAT IT MEANS TO BE AN AMERICAN. I apologize to free loving people in the world who look up to AMERICA AND VOW one day we the AMERICAN people will rid ourselves of the imposter obama and once again you will be able to look at us as a shiny city on the hill. If these scumbags want a mosque build it in San Francisco CA not on GROUND ZERO where it will defile the memories of the fallen who were murdered by gutless scared children ( no man would have done what they did) and be proud of it.

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