A belated congratulations to ACT MP David Garrett for refusing to bend his conscience to suit convention.

From the April 2nd NZ Herald

Former prime minister Helen Clark’s parliamentary colleagues yesterday put aside politics to recognise her achievement in being appointed to the United Nations’ third highest post – bar one.

The House rose to its feet to give Helen Clark a standing ovation on following news she will head the United Nations Development Programme, leaving in just a few weeks.

But ACT MP David Garrett stayed seated, refusing to join in.

Mr Garrett told NewstalkZB it would have been hypocritical for him to do so, given he had little time for Helen Clark and what she stood for.

Helen Clark has been a disaster for this country and if “successful” at the UN will be a disaster on an even grander scale.

Why in God’s name does anyone want to pretend otherwise?

I don’t know what David’s reasons were, but well done for refusing to go along with the crowd.



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