9 thoughts on “Flotilla Choir – " We Con the World"

  1. Hysterical! Right on the mark. ("We must save Israel!" like they say in "Veggie Tales.") I love the Jews… Long live Israel, the chosen people of God! You cannot kill the root from which you claim your origin, Islam. Your God is not the one true God. If your God was truly God, he wouldn't ask you to kill the children of Israel. You worship Satan.

  2. This Independent collaboration was picked by Danny Siman, an Israeli Government Press operative, who used to be on the mark, but because in Israel personal sentiment and public duty get easily mixed, the poor bureaucrats (has been beached in that tiny office for ages) passed on the URL to the foreign media because he thought it was amusing, they, most rightous lot of anti- experts in photoshopping, deleting, manipulating and creating or staging news, launched a wave of protest and the poor sucker had to apologize on behalf of the Israeli Government, to those who were offended. No one yet, apologized to the families of the Navy Seals who were brutally bludgeoned by the Muslim Brotherhood , Saudi funded terrorist on manning the deck of the Love Boat.

  3. International three card monte
    exposed with laughs giant-i,
    foggy lies by open eyes,
    truth crimes by skillful rhymes,
    a Hamasic deception
    with melodic perception –
    can't we all just sing along?

  4. I loved it,while the song and video gave truth to what is going on, but then you did a twist on it with some humor, I hope the world opens its eyes, but they have their "agenda" and thank God for people like you. Sadly, some people cant think for their selves but this may open their eyes. If they cant, they are not true to their selves and can never be free.

  5. So grateful to see the Truth being spoken, sung, recorded, written, taped. Great work!

    Call your Senator to stop the FCC from creating a Blockade against Truth.

    God Bless!

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