8 thoughts on “McClintock Earns His Salary

  1. I would vote for him for the presidency in a microsecond.
    And, stupid Californians picked the Governator over this fine gent…

  2. This man is right on the mark. And He's from California Thank You God for Jan Brewer , Sarah Palin , New Zeal. and this man.

    God Bless America

  3. I'm going to contact Rep. McClintock's office and thank him for speaking clearly and honestly.

    God Bless him.

  4. Don't worry everyone, we're going to right the ship. Obama is gone in 2012. His power will be stripped from him in November. We the People will correct his erroneous behavior, and set the record straight about those who seek to undermine this country.

    Obama will be seen as the ideologue he is, and we will make sure that never again will a Marxist walk the halls of the White House except in handcuffs.

  5. Felipe Calderon should shut the hell up, and fix his own corrupt country. In his country, if you cross illegally, you'll find yourself in jail or worse. In our country you'll get on the public dole, free health care, free education for your kids and the opportunity to vote Democrat.

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