"Manchurian President" Selling Well

Aaron Klein and Brenda J Elliott’s “the Manchurian President” is sitting at No 1 for non-fiction and at No 4 overall in the NY Times bestseller list.

Times Square, NY.

The book, which exposes many of Barack Obama‘s marxist and radical ties, quotes this blog extensively.

Buy it today, if you haven’t already.


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2 thoughts on “"Manchurian President" Selling Well

  1. When turning off the TV/Radio after another evening of feeding from Beck and Limbaugh's trough of reactionary drivel, Mary Kaye, now you have some nice sensible bedtime reading.
    It should provide more than enough epoxy to shut down any disturbing critical thinking that might snap you out of your neocon stupor.
    Don't forget to check under the bed for any of Obama's commie boogy men.


  2. Besides reading your blog, listening to Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh. Levin, etc and watching what is going on in the US, I fee like my head ready to explode. I think what amazes me the most is the complacency of the American people. The dots have all been connected yet no one wants to face up to what is happening. I have this pervasive feeling of anxiety, for lack of a better word, that something is lurking just behind the corner. Am I the only American who feels or senses this? Trevor, thanks for all you are doing to help keep my country free.

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