Chris Christie Talks Blunt

Imagine if all politicians spoke like this man.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, take a bow.

Thanks to Nick.


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3 thoughts on “Chris Christie Talks Blunt

  1. Isn't there a difference in listening to an adult rather than the girly-men/boys that run Washington?

    And he did it without a teleprompter!

  2. The poor little leftist news guy got his feelings, hurt……..It is sooooo refreshing to see and hear a man with BALLS, and direction for the people. After listening to the Howdy Dowdy president we are stuck with for so long I though all men had lost their balls, or at least were wooden! I was wrong………one-by-one we are taking the hill in November….

  3. Great response from the Gov.

    I like that he points out that standing up for the government our Founders created is not about being "nice" or being obfuscatingly academic. Nor is debate a bad thing. You won't see the MSM denigrating and demonizing politicians or citizen activism when the Progressives are obstructing or protesting some action of a conservative or even some old moderate Dem like I was once (before I discovered the Marxist vampires had drained my Party of its original lifeblood and soul) — or when the Progressives demonize and smear (because they can't back up their accusations with factual evidence) —

    So many of us are weary from their Alinsky tactics.

    This is a breath of fresh air.

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