‘The Emissions Trading Scheme: The Really Inconvenient Truth – For New Zealand’

All you need to know about the fast approaching Emissions Trading Scam…er…Scheme.

Five new videos – ‘The Emissions Trading Scheme: The Really Inconvenient Truth – For New Zealand’ – are now on YouTube

Barry Brill, Former Member of Parliament, Minister of Science, and Minister of Energy, and now Chariman of the NZ Climate science Coalition SC, overviews a brief history of the ETS and addresses its downsides

Professor Bob Carter from James Cook University (Queensland) provides a 20 minute interview about his new book – Climate: the Counter-Consensus * – in which he distinguishes three different aspects of the public discussion of climate change as corresponding to science reality, virtual reality (computer models) and socio-political reality. These distinctions have important scientific and policy implications, yet until recently they were absent from the public debate.

Prof Bob Carter PART 2

Dr Jock Allison, Former Director of the MAF Invermay Research Centre and critically involved in recent improvements to the NZ sheep industry, addresses the effect the ETS will have on Agriculture.

Bryan Leyland, is a consulting engineer specializing in electricity generation and transmission, and speaks to the effect of the ETS on the power industry.

Watch these videos, forward them to your friends, and to your local MP. If you can find an honest, courageous journalist under a hen’s tooth somewhere, try them as well.


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