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Most thinking Westerners perceive three threats to our civilisation.

1 Radical Islam
2 Cultural marxism (sometimes manifested as “political correctness”, “social justice”, or the “long march through the institutions”)-the gradual and deliberate erosion of traditional Western values, institutions and societal norms, through our governments, education systems and civil society.
3 Re-surgent Russia and her increasingly powerful allies-China, Cuba, Venezuela etc.

Many writers have focused on one of these three problems.

What Robert Chandler does that is so unique, is to show the three as interwined tentacles of the same octopus.

While most Westerners see these as seperate problems, we will neither understand the depth and scope of the problem or be able to grasp the solutions.

It makes no sense for example for the US to enlist Russian or Chinese help in opposing Islamic terrorism, when Russia and China are secretly supporting the terrorists.

Shadow World

Resurgent Russia, The Global New Left, and Radical Islam

Robert Chandler

Obama’s Flurry of “Change” Involves Socialism and Catering to Arab World

With Barack Obama now in office, every day brings reports of new policies and plans, as he issues orders and crafts programs at a dizzying pace.

But underlying this flurry of “change” are the insidious roots of socialism and the influence of a powerful—and virulent—New Left, so says Robert Chandler in his stunning book, Shadow World.

In Shadow World, Robert Chandler not only reveals the “brave new world” that the New Left will stealthily usher in through our government and culture, but the dangers we face from radical Islam and a resurgent Russia who are in a global struggle for America—and the world.

Chandler demonstrates, in a way no other author has done, the new strategic realities of the post-Cold War, post-9/11 world.

In Shadow World you’ll learn:

• Why American-style democracy is losing out to Castro and Hugo Chavez-style communism in Latin America
• How radical Islam has allied itself to the New Left—and why this makes radical Islam even more dangerous than before
• Why “post” Communist Russia is not really “post Communist” at all, but represents an insidious new strategic threat to the United States
• How “cultural communism” has rejuvenated the radical Left’s prospects around the world

Provocative, insightful, thorough, Shadow World is essential reading for those who want to see the 21st century as America’s century, and not the century of her enemies.

Regnery Publishing, January 2009

Available at, Barnes & Noble, and major bookstores

I have zero financial interest in this project. I just want as many people as possible to read this book.


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8 thoughts on “MUST READ "Shadow World"

  1. Chandler is the real thing. A Foreign Service officer who, in essence, is the boots on the ground for this subject. I have read the book and passed it on and find myself wanting to read it again which is how I came across this posting. I have done some limited background research to test the veracity of Chandler and his sources and have found nothing to give me doubt. Hope there is still interest here as recent events are proving Chandler to be quite insightful.

  2. “And I bet you lot think the series 24 is a true life documentary…”

    What astounding ignorance is this of a response?

  3. thanks trevor, i’m intend to read this book, looks good. I don’t know you from a bar of soap but appreciate your efforts as a fellow lover of liberty, individualism and freedom, please keep it up the good work.
    cheers Lee

  4. “It makes no sense for example for the US to enlist Russian or Chinese help in opposing Islamic terrorism, when Russia and China are secretly supporting the terrorists.”

    Yeah, like in Chechnya. Oh, hang on… Well, what about Russian support for those Mujahideen terrorists in Afghanistan in the 80s. Oh, hang on…

  5. Thank you for the heads up on this. From your description it sounds like it could be quite an interesting read. While I am not sure I will agree with much of it, my love of politics enables me to enjoy reading it regardless of whether I agree or not. Will look out for this at the bookstore where I work.

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