3 thoughts on “South Africa 2010? You’d Have to be Crazy

  1. South Africa, a former thriving Western country and now after the Marxist government, the most violent country on the planet with a genocide of White people based on race going on — ignored by the media and pretty much the entire Western World.

    I promise you, White Christian-heritage people and nonLiberals, this is a case of First They Came for the Jews.

  2. I went to the last World Cup in Germany and had a fab time, but even though NZ will be playing in South Africa in June I never considered going to S.A. The cities/townships their games are in are little more than rural service centres – with little night life and they are not the sort of places to be wandering around drunk late at night. FIFA has made an error, bowing to political expediency and forgotten about the fans.

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