Venezuela’s First Communist Minister

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Adjustments in the Venezuelan executive office by the President of the Republic Hugo Chavez mark a new presidential term which intend to consolidate a new socialism of the 21st century. Massive reshuffling of governmental positions mark serious intentions of carrying the country toward this goal, and several posts have been vacated from the National Assembly to fill the new cabinet. According to experts, the adjustments take place amid an agenda centered on three main issues: socialism, constitutional reform and the projected Venezuela s Socialist United Party.

David Velasquez, member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) and formerly president of the Permanent Commission of Citizen Participation, Decentralization and Regional Development was appointed Minister of Popular Participation and Social Development.


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1 thought on “Venezuela’s First Communist Minister

  1. Of course Chavez is promoting his fellow comrades to power. The Chavistas will always be quite enough to deny, deny, deny even when the Communist Party of Cuba openly endorses the government of Hugo Chavez.

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